You know that Telstra prepaid mobile plans are somehow pricier than most of the Australian Telco. But, it’s known as the best coverage carrier in Australia that means it not only covers cities, it also available in rural areas. In their terms of the plans, you’ll find their all prepaid options are as flexible as contract-free. As a result, you’ll not get stuck on a single plan when you’ll think to change your provider. Also, you’ll find their plans come with most of the calls, texts, and mobile data if you simply recharge only $40. Not only this plan, but you’ll also find loads of plans and the standard one starts from $30 to $60. But, you can opt its Long Life Plus plan if you’re a more sporadic mobile phone user for more time.

Different Types of Telstra Prepaid Plans

If you talk about the types of Telstra sim only mobile plans, you’ll find three different types so far. These include Max, Long Life Plus, and Day2Day plans where the first one comes with a duration of 28 days. Besides, these plans are included with data banking that means you’ll get back your unused data if you recharge it before expiry. When you’ll talk about the Long Life plan, you have the chance to get a credit of 45 days, 186 days or 365 days. In this plan, you’ll be able to call in $0.30 per minutes and the same rate for each SMS and MMS if you send them inside of Australia. But, you’ll get 5-day duration for $5 with unlimited talk time and text with 100 MB data for Day2Day plan.

How to Switch to Telstra Prepaid

Sometimes, it’s a daunting thing to change your mobile SIM provider and we often asked about how to switch to some other prepaid than their current one. But, it’s nothing to be worried as it’s an easy task to change Telco in Australia and it’s protected by laws. When you get a number from your provider, it’s only their property as long as you allow it to them. And you can swap to Telstra prepaid anytime from your old carrier whenever you like to do so.

The process is much simpler and you have to visit their website and place your order for a new SIM card. When they’ll ask for whether you like to keep your existing mobile number for the new one, simply choose the option that specified in the form. That’s all you’ve done and the rest of the process will be completed by the provider.

How to Recharge Telstra Prepaid?

As Telstra comes with a lot of prepaid plans, you need to know how to recharge. In this case, you can use the 24X7 app or by dialing *100# using your mobile phone. When you use any of the said methods simply follow the instructions they provide. Also, you can do the same thing by visiting their official website where you’ll find an option to recharge.


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