There is no denying that education is important. It is a key factor in personal and professional success. However, there is often a debate surrounding what is appropriate for female education, whether Islamic education in a Muslim school in charlotte, NC, or Modern education at public school. 

This is especially true when it comes to religious education. In Islam, there are certain expectations for female education. Here is a look at what Islam says about female education. 

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7 Things Islam Says About Female Education

Islam is a religion that has always placed a high value on education, and this is especially true when it comes to the education of women. Here are seven things that Islam says about female education:

  1. Islam teaches that all Muslim women have the right to seek knowledge and receive an education. This is regardless of social status, race, or economic background.
  2. This is because Muslim women have a special role to play in society, and they need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to fulfill their responsibilities.
  3. This includes the Quran, the Hadith, and other religious texts. But it also includes secular sources, such as books, magazines, and the internet.
  4. This includes subjects like Islamic history and jurisprudence, as well as subjects like math, science, and English.
  5. This is so that they can learn from a variety of perspectives and get a well-rounded education.
  6. This means that they should use their knowledge to make good decisions, be good role models for their children, and contribute to society in positive ways.
  7. This means that they should continue to seek knowledge throughout their lives, and they should never be content with just the basics.

Why Is Islamic Education More Important for Women?

Modern education is not always beneficial for women, as it can present opportunities for inequality and oppression. In many cases, it is Islamic education that is more important for women, as it provides them with more just and equal opportunities.

1. Islamic education teaches equality between men and women. In modern education, women are often seen as inferior to men and are not given the same opportunities. Islamic education teaches that men and women are equal in the eyes of Allah and should be treated as such. 

2. Islamic education provides a more holistic view of the world. Modern education often focuses on material things and leaves out the spiritual aspects of life. Islamic education, on the other hand, teaches that there is more to life than just the material world and that we should be striving for a balance between the two. 

3. Islamic education emphasizes the importance of knowledge. In modern education, intelligence is often measured by how well one does on tests or in school. However, Islamic education teaches that knowledge is much more than just what we learn in school. It is about understanding the world around us and using that knowledge to better ourselves and our communities. 


Islam is a religion that is very supportive of female education. In fact, the Quran specifically mentions that both men and women should seek knowledge and understanding. 

Many Muslim schools in Charlotte, NC, also support female education and encourage Muslim women to seek knowledge. Female education is very important in Islam, and Muslim women should take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow.


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