It might be terrifying to discover mice in your modular house. Even if you keep your house impeccably clean, you will have to deal with these small rodents occasionally.

If you find mice in your modular house, you should get rid of them as quickly as possible. They can not only cause extensive damage to your property. But they can also transmit diseases and germs.

You may do other things, such as putting out poison, plugging holes, and much more. Here are some suggestions. Therefore, before you look for container office space in Connecticut, let’s know the tips.

Mouse Traps

Getting a mousetrap is one of the most excellent methods to get rid of mice in your house. Mousetraps are inexpensive, and the majority of them may reuse. Mousetraps have designed in the late 1800s and have shown to be quite effective.

You can buy these at almost any store, and they usually come in packs of four or more. Using peanut butter is the best method to set the trap. If you use bread or cheese, the mouse might be able to escape without setting off the trap. There is usually more than one mouse, so set many traps.

Glue Traps for Mouse

Glue traps are effective for catching mice that have entered your modular house. However, it is critical to keep these glue traps away from your other pets since they can quickly become stuck on them.

These glue traps should be placed in kitchen cabinets or even beneath your home. It is vital to note that the mice caught in these traps will still be alive.

Managing Your Trash

Mice may smell food for miles and entice to enter your modular house if they scent it. Make sure you move your trash to your outdoor trashcans daily to avoid smelling it. Even a tiny bit of trash in your cans can generate a stench that mice cannot stand.

Pet Food

When you have pets, you will have pet food throughout the house. These paper bags do not block the fragrance of the dish. This fragrance might immediately attract mice.

Instead of leaving the food in a paper bag, invest in a solid plastic container. This container will assist in masking the scent of the food and will be difficult for a mouse to eat through.

Nowadays, containers converted to offices and it’s a beneficial to convert a container to an office.

Take up A Cat

Consider adopting a cat if you have a mouse problem in your modular house and want to deal with it in a more natural way than using a trap. There will be many to select from at your local animal shelter or rescue group.

Your cat will not only assist you in catching any mice in your home. The fragrance of the cat helps dissuade mice from entering your home.

Tree Limb Trimming

It may seem strange. It’s due to mice’s ability to climb. Mice have tiny claws on their feet that allow them to climb vertically. But if you discover a mouse in your home and have tree limbs nearby, you should clip them back.


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