So you want to learn on your snowboard how to make a 360? First, you need to ensure that your snowboarding abilities are up to par before doing any trick. It’s a trick like this, in particular. You must be an intermediate snowboarder, at least for the 360 tricks.

It’ll be helping if you also guaranteed that your board is pleasant, trustworthy, and safe. It sounds clear (we know). But how many people try to run before they can go would be surprising to you.

Always improve your basic abilities before you begin to try such tactics. If you’re still uncertain – seek expert snowboard coaching. So, before you look for “snowboard gear near me,” let’s know the tips and the steps.

Tip 1: Ensure You Can Ollie & Pop

These are more basic tricks in a snowboarder’s repertoire. But, you’ll find it’s a very similar set of techniques and skills involved. If you can ensure you’ve got your basic tricks mastered, then mastering the front side 360 will be a little easier for you.

Tip 2: Choose A Slope You’ll Be Comfortable Practicing On

We suggest you browse around the many hills and slopes and pick a calm and not too busy place. Without too much storm and concern about knocking into anybody, you will want to practice your technique.

Now, this is the right time to know the tricks themselves:

Step 1

When you fly, use your bend and crouch. Your board must be brought up high. You get the right momentum from the bent and crouch position and remain longer too.

Step 2

Travel via the spin on the edge of your heel; turn your arms towards the journey. This is in the way you spin. This allows you to move your body more quickly. This gives you more opportunity to clear the entire 360 turns. Some people might prefer to do this opposite, crossing the edge of the toe.

Step 3

Turn your arms back in the direction of travel when you come into the air.

Step 4

Use your knees, actually. Bend them when you jump to obtain some air between the snow and your board. You may also clear the whole spin of 360.

Step 5

Nothing is as happy with a newly waxed snowboard on the pastes. You are sure that it is worth time and work once you sense the difference. We recommend that you wax up your snowboard once a week if you are an ordinary rider. It’s when a week if you only go a few times a week. It may take a short while for the first few efforts. But, once you have the technique to wax into art, you will do it out of practice and won’t think about it twice.

The Bottom Line

It helps you greatly to get lots of areas to practice when mastering this technique. You are likely to fall and learn, but it’s all part of the process and part of the pleasure. You should know to use snowboarding gear properly.

It might good to see others executing the move too. They can have some technical variants. And you can discover something that performs well for you and your snowboard style.


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