Pay-per-click services (PPC) advertising allows you to reach potential customers as they search online for products and services related to your business.

Services like Google Ads make it easy to create and run PPC campaigns, but properly optimizing and managing them takes knowledge and time.

In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of outsourcing PPC and discuss signs that indicate it may be time to hand your campaigns over to the experts.

We’ll also provide tips for choosing the right PPC agency and making the transition smoothly.

When Outsourcing PPC Makes Sense?

Here are some of the top reasons businesses choose to outsource their pay-per-click campaigns:

You Don’t Have the Time or Resources In-House

Running successful PPC campaigns requires constant maintenance and optimization.

Keyword research, ad testing, bid adjustments, reporting – it all takes significant time even for one or two campaigns.

For companies juggling many campaigns across multiple platforms like Google, Bing, and Facebook, having an in-house expert focused on PPC full-time is often essential.

For small businesses without dedicated marketing resources, the time investment needed for DIY PPC can be overwhelming. Outsourcing allows you to hand off the workload to a team of specialists.

You Need Expert Strategies and Optimization

PPC platforms and auctions are complex – mastering the ins and outs takes extensive hands-on experience.

From granular bid strategies to advanced campaign settings, the nuances can make a big difference in results.

An experienced PPC agency will have strategic expertise you’re unlikely to have in-house. Their knowledge can extract more from your budget and avoid common pitfalls.

Your Campaigns Have Outgrown Your Skills

Over time, campaigns naturally become more sophisticated. The limited tools and knowledge that were sufficient initially often hit their limits as you scale up.

When you find yourself struggling to progress further in performance and strategy, it may signal that outsourcing to PPC pros is the next step.

best pay per click services
best pay per click services

Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your PPC

Wondering if your pay-per-click campaigns have reached the stage where outsourcing makes sense? Here are some telltale signs:

  • Campaign management consumes too much of your time.PPC tasks like daily bid adjustments start infringing on higher-value work.
  • Campaign results have plateaued.Performance metrics like click-through rate and conversion rate have stalled despite your ongoing optimization efforts.
  • You struggle with more advanced PPC features.Settings like audience targeting, bid strategies, and automated rules feel overwhelming to tackle yourself.
  • You lack expertise in newer PPC platforms.You’ve mastered Google Ads, but want to expand into Bing, Facebook, or Amazon PPC with a minimal learning curve.
  • Cross-platform management feels chaotic.Running coordinated campaigns across Google, Bing, and social platforms is more fragmented and complex than ideal.

If one or more of these resonates, your PPC campaigns have likely reached a scale where outsourcing to experts can take results to the next level.

Tips for Choosing the Right PPC Agency

Not all PPC agencies are created equal. Here are some tips for selecting one that’s a fit for your goals and budget:

  • Look for expertise in your niche.Find an agency with a proven track record of success in your specific industry.
  • Request examples of their work.Ask to see examples of campaigns they’ve managed and optimized for clients.
  • Learn about their strategies.Dig into the specifics of how they approach account structure, keyword research, bidding and more.
  • Check for cross-platform experience.Ensure they have expertise across the PPC platforms you use – Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.
  • Understand the services included.Will they handle creative, analytics, landing page optimization or other complementary services?
  • Get references from their clients.Speaking to past clients can provide reassurance about their capabilities and customer service.

Taking the time to vet PPC agencies will help ensure you choose one that’s the right fit.

Transitioning PPC Management Effectively

Once you’ve selected an agency, here are some tips for making the handoff of your PPC campaigns as smooth as possible:

  • Share all relevant account access and assets.Provide full log in access and history for the platforms you’ve been using. Supply creatives, keyword lists, analytics, etc.
  • Spend time briefing them on your history.Walk them through the story of your campaigns, major changes made, and your current goals.
  • Set expectations around communication.Agree on channels, frequency, and metrics for their campaign updates and reporting.
  • Give feedback early and often.As you get rolling, share any suggestions on their initial changes and strategies. Clear communication sets you both up for success.

With the right agency relationship and an organized transition, outsourcing your PPC can deliver the expertise and bandwidth to achieve the next level in campaign performance.


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