If you want to make an online store, you should look for the best hosting of WooCommerce. Identifying the right hosting provider is very crucial for your e-commerce business. In this case, a common provider of shared hosting will not be the best choice for your WooCommerce.

This is because you should have more things like more resources, supportive platforms, and an SSL certificate. The way you buy a web domain name, you also should buy the WooCommerce hosting with care.

It’s a bit tricky thing to choose the right hosting while keeping pace with your business. That’s why; we’re going to share some points that will help you with this concern.

Importance of WooCommerce hosting for E-Commerce Business

You’ll want WooCommerce hosting if you’re building an e-commerce store with it. You’ll keep your all files of the website along with some other essential things of it in a place that calls hosting. For every online store, a particular hosting provider is very vital.

Also, it allows you to install WooCommerce on your shared WordPress hosting membership. But, their plans have designed to offer the essence of a personal blogs and small business websites.

Usually, it’s a method of transacting that wants more resources particularly if you have a hundred or more clients. As a result, you have to choose a hosting plan that will help your e-commerce business smoothly and faster.

Free & Paid WooCommerce Hosting Providers

Indeed, we’re not aware of any free WooCommerce hosting providers. Even if you get free offers, we strongly suggest that you keep away yourself from the trap. Yes, when they offer a free e-commerce hosting, it’s nothing but a trap.

It’s because they’ll give you free service for a short time and then will ask for a large number of fees. If you don’t pay it, you’ll lose all the things that are remaining on the website. Without paying charge they neither will allow you to use their service nor move your data from their hosted site.

So, never fall in the trap and choose a paid plan for your business website. The cost of a WooCommerce store widely varies and it depends on some different factors. These include the cost of a domain name, hosting, and SSL certificate.

Also, when your business grows, the cost of hosting your site grows accordingly. If you buy a hosting plan, you’re legally the owner of everything that you have on your website.

Number of Customers a WooCommerce Hosting Company Can Handle

In the best hosting companies are out there can handle millions of clients every day. All of them are well-equipped to handle a large number of clients. But, it depends on your selected plan.

You can handle 1,000 – 5,000 clients every day with optimization of the speed while using shared providers WooCommerce hosting. For example, you can use SiteGround, Bluehost, and HostGator.

You’ll be able to manage a large number of traffic with this type of hosting provider only after you buy domain online from a reliable and best provider. It’s because they have a team to automatically balance your membership as needed.


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