It is among the most common issues dog owners encounter deciding what to do with their dog when away from home. The correct response is determined by the type of dog and the length of your absence.

Let’s take a look at what you should do with your dog while you’re going to be away from home. These have based on the dog’s age, health, and length of absence.

We’ll also discuss how to make transitions as seamless as possible while minimizing the chance of complications. Therefore, before you look for a pet grooming glove, let’s know more about this issue.

Taking Care of Your Puppy when you’re leaving

Puppies have defined as dogs under the age of 18 months. Paper-trained puppies should keep outside if the weather permits. They have allowed out by a dog walker at least once during the day or boarded at a kennel during the day.

It’s unfair to penalize a dog who doesn’t know how to wait all day to defecate outside for pooping on the carpet. This dog doesn’t know what it can and cannot chew on and may reprimand is better off at a sitter’s house while the day than left at home alone.

How to Care for an Elderly Dog When You’re Away

Older dogs who sleep a lot should still get some exercise. However, how much depends on their health. Some people prefer to go outside rather than go for a run. It’s not good for any animal to “hold it” for ten hours.

But it isn’t perfect for senior dogs. They already have issues, let alone the danger of cystitis and urinary tract infections. So, arrange for someone else to walk the dog or have the pet boarded at the house of a nearby sitter for the day. Buy automatic food dispenser for your dog and give them healthy diet food.

Keeping an Older Dog Happy

Adult dogs, those over a year and a half old, can defecate outside until you come at the end of the day. And they can be left at home throughout the day. But this isn’t ideal. If you’re going to leave them for the day, make sure you have a dog walker or pet sitter set up to look after them.

This guarantees that the dog does not go without water or food while you are away. Professional dog training is also available for older dogs. This includes teaching them to heel instead of attacking other dogs or chasing rodents into the street.

While you’re Away during the Day, Taking Care of Your Dog

One of its most excellent methods to ensure a happy pet and a tidy home when you return is to leave the dog weary. Instead of merely letting the dog out to relieve itself, take it on a long morning stroll.

This exhausts the dog, preventing it from being inclined to rip up the house out of boredom. It took a lengthy walk. So, it won’t feel the need to race around the home and make a mess. Please give them a combination of trotting, running, and smelling about.


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