San Francisco is not just an amazing city to visit, it also great for some of the country’s best bars. Likewise, some beautiful phenomenal places are out there to dance which are popular as the key spot for things to do at night in San Francisco. But, you must admit that you look for something more than just drinking or dancing at night.

At least you want to drink and dance while listening to sex stories or in the museum after you have taken off on the trapeze. As clubs and bars are always being available there, you can change it for each once after a while.

You might be getting enticed by these cravings of this city’s nightlife of the combination of unique and unusual spots. This is why we’re here with some most attractive things that you can do at night. Well, let’s know what to do in San Francisco at night.

Stay Up for Late Midnight Movies

Every Friday, the Clay Theatre hosts flicks at midnight in the Fillmore that’s exactly 11:55 pm. You’ll enjoy feature movies out there such as The Room and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Also, you’ll get some classic favorites including Valley of the Dolls and Pulp Fiction. It was a rumor that they also show sometimes XXX movies. So, if you’re interested to watch these types of films, don’t get back your hotel soon.

Verdi Club’s Bawdy Storytelling

If you’re fond of sexual storytelling shows, you’ll get a good opportunity to hear some true sexual adventure stories. In this issue, you’ll have to visit the Verdi Club that’s on the Potrero Hill and the Mission’s border. This storytelling event usually hosts a monthly basis.

It’s the place where real people plus sometimes the local celebrities share some of their true sex stories onstage. When they tell stories, they follow a specific theme. Some of the past themes were such as “sex work,” “unlikeliest places,” and “CraigsLust.”

With an entry fee of $20, the event comes with a raffle draw for some sex toys. So, you can fix a date to visit this unique event because you never know what they’ll tell in the stories.

Find Out Your Inside Scientist in Boozing Up It

Science is ruling at the Exploratorium & Science Academy. Both of them offer adults-only themed of the night parties every week. These parties complete with a combination of bars right through both museums. You’ll find things very different at the Exploratorium’s After Dark that happens after some drinks.

It’ll give you access to a total of 650 mind-blowing interactive displays if you’re 18+. When it comes to the Night Life of the Science Academy, it’ll give you access to the of-the-night side of this museum for the people of 21+. Access includes reserving a pass for Planetarium that you love to do.

These events happen from 6 pm to 10 pm on every Thursday with feature music as well as special programs. Also, there are some more things to do and watch such as the circus center, getting dinner at SF Asia, and Seaside Blanket Babylon.


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