We can compare the market of the Smartphone with a busy airport terminal where handsets are the same as passengers that always coming and going. When we start loving a phone, we get other ones to come with some other big features. It’s true that the Smartphone market has a furious pace, but Samsung Galaxy S5 is the type of phone that’s not going to be down very soon. It’s not a new handset, but you’ll find a lot of Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile plans for it. So, it might be an old phone, but it’s still one of the best ones that you can buy at a cheap price. When it was launched it was a superstar at that time and it’s reaming as a little one till today.

Best Plans for Samsung Galaxy S5

We’re talking about the phone, but actually, we’ll talk about the best plans for this phone. And we have found so many plans when we were researching on this topic. So, we’re going to share with you some of the best plans for this mobile phone that you can choose your perfect one. Well, let’s start.

Get Big Data under $80

You can get the deal ‘Big Data under $80’ if you like to get a lot of data with your phone. If you get this plan you’ll get your phone almost free of cost. So, this is the best option for you if you like to save some money while choosing a great phone with a great deal. Okay, let’s know some other plans for your nice phone.


For its well-qualified buyers, T-Mobile presents Zero down payment, but you have to buy a starter kit of one-off SIM with a device just at $15. You’ll find a monthly-based contract for unlimited minutes, data, and text. It’s the matter that depends on how much 4G data you need a month. Let’s explain it that if you take it for 24 months you’ll have to pay $72 per month and a $15 as a down payment. It brings you all three activities unlimited with 1 GB LTE data monthly basis. For these all you have to pay a total of $1745.16.

Verizon Wireless

You’ll have to pay 149.99 up front and a $50 mail-in discount debit card and that’s a two-year contract for this deal. They offer a wide array of data packages that have equal to 100 GB plans for Galaxy S5 mobile phone or other mobile plans with international calls. Also, you have the option to share your data with your family members that are a great part of the services. It means that you can share it with your friends and colleagues as well. For these all you have to pay a total of $1779.99.

Bottom Line

Beside of these packages, you also can shop $1600 pack of AT&T mobile and $1092 pack of Sprint mobile. In these packages, we’ve found the cheapest one from the Sprint Mobile. But, you’re the decision maker and consider your need which one is the best choice for you and then shop it.


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