When you get jealous someone who wears a jersey is custom-made you can get wondered how it was made. Also, you may be thinking about how the design makes, how the ink sticks and how you can get one for your own. So, today’s content is all about these things including the printing processes of full dye jerseys and their pros. Also, you’ll be able to know where you can get the similar jerseys that you’re looking for yourself. In these days, things have become much easier to get custom jerseys printed for you with your own choices. But, these are not very expensive as it was very much costly in the last decade.

Pros of Jerseys Printing Processes

You may be one of them as many people have at least one clothing item with some kind of text on its front or back in their wardrobe. It’s widely seen for the people who are sports fanatics and we’re sure you also fan one or more specific sports. Well, let’s know the most common techniques of printing jerseys and T-shirt with their pros.

Screen Printing

It’s the earliest process of screen printing that was invented in 900AD, but it was taken to Europe and the USA in the 1910s. The process is of the screen print is goes at the way that you have to get a design first in the process. After that, you need to apply the design to a mesh by pressure so the ink gets into the fibers. In the end, your chosen design to be transferred onto the garment using pressure and force. This way the process of the printing is done and the T-shirts or jersey are ready for your team. The best one of many pros is its durability because the ink is pressed deeply.

Heat Pressing

It has not very much dissimilarity with the screen printing and it needs only one machine. Among other things, you need a hot press and special paper with ink to use for design. In this process, you have to create the design and print it using special paper for the heat press. After that the fabric you like to apply your design to be laid down flatly without folds and press after keeping the special paper on it. This way you’ll get your design transferred to the fabric. The best advantage of this process is its fast to get done and the best for the small projects.


Sublimation printing/Dye-Sublimation

In this method, you need to use special printers and heat machine to print your design onto the fabric. Also, it’s simply called the “all-around print” because you can print into all part of your fabric. So, this is fully a computerized process and it’s the most flexible way to design your dye sublimation jerseys, T-shirts, and other clothing.

Bottom Line

So, a choice is yours which one suits you and you should use that one. For example, if you like a small project you can choose the screen printing method. But, you can choose sublimation printing if you have a big project.


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