Today on this content, we will talk about tweezing eyebrows. Mainly, we all know that tweezing or plucking eyebrows is a little bit painful. But most of the girls prefer to pluck their brows to get the perfect shape and size.

Indeed, perfect brows tweezing can give you a fantastic look. Here, we will try to present some easy ways that will help you to make tweezing less painful. So, before you look for “microneedling Jacksonville FL”, let’s go to the below discussion.

Take a Shower (Hot)

First of all, we will suggest you take a hot bath. You may know that a hot bath is very vital to get a relaxed feeling. It gives you a comfy touch after passing a hassle day. Now you may ask how it can help to tweeze the brows. Or how will it make the painless?

Well, the expert says that the hot shower helps to open the pores. So that one can easily pluck the brows without so much pain. If it not possible to take a shower, then at least wash your face with hot water. Moreover, you can take some hot water vapor as well to open the pores before tweezing.

Do Not Use Magnifying Mirrors 

Sometimes people face problems due to the magnifying glass during plucking brows. Sometimes many artists use the magnifying glass to pluck the brows perfectly. Here, we will suggest you not go for the magnifying glass.

Mostly, it is very harmful to your skin and eyes as well. So, if your artist wants to use this thing, you have to make them stop. And go for another plucking ways.

Select the Appropriate Tweezer

When you want to tweeze your brows, it is very vital to select an excellent tweezer. The expert suggests that you have to choose a tweezer according to the shape of your brows. Many girls prefer to clean the little hair from their foreheads. In this case, you can use the same tweezers.

But here, we will suggest you go for the zero-size tweezer to clean the forehead hair. Well, there are different sizes and shapes are available in the market. For example, you can select one tweezer for the curve brows. Also, you can choose another one for another shape of the brow bone.

Tweeze in a Right Way

Now we will present one of the vital parts that you must follow during tweezing. Many girls prefer to tweeze their brows at home. It is pretty okay, but you should know those right tweezing ways.

First of all, your skin may get hurt if you do not go the right way. Also, you can ruin the shape of your brows as well. Moreover, you can get bad rashes on your face as well. So, before applying the tweezer, you must know about the right way. Besides you can Google “microneedling services near me”.

Use Cortisone cream 

Last but not least, you have to use cortisone cream after tweezing your brows. It is an anti-inflammatory and topical cream. Commonly, your skin gets burning after tweezing. So, nothing will be better to give you comfort than the cortisone cream.


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