In recent years, smart homes and home automation have been big buzzwords, and it seems that everyone is talking about it.

On the other hand, with new gadgets, trends, and even wholly new technologies being launched every day, it’s possible to get lost in the avalanche of data.

We’ll go through some of the affordable smart home tech blog on the web with that in mind. You can remain up to date with the latest updates on these sites.

#1 CNET Smart Home

CNET—or, more precisely, c|net—has been a smart home technology blog for more than two decades, dating back to 1994.

On the other hand, CNET has a reputation for being one of the most reliable consumer electronics and technology critics in general. In recent years, they’ve launched a dedicated smart home blog, which has quickly become our go-to source for learning new gadgets and tech news.

#2 All Power Moves

A basic blog with a unique content style in which they can compare two brands directly.

Let’s face it, often, the primary aim of reading reviews is to pick between two items. All Power Moves’ material can be incredibly helpful in this situation.

#3 Tech Hive

Similar to CNET or the well-known WireCutter, but with an emphasis on the smart, connected house.

Tech Hive is excellent for product ratings and articles about new product releases, exclusive sales and promotions, how-to guides, and entertainment-related content.

#4 All Home Robotics

All Home Robotics focuses on home robotics, but they also cover a wide range of smart home products and technology.

They have a tendency to be a bit technical in their materials, which might not be ideal if you are new to smart home technology. It may, however, be a significant advantage for those who respect in-depth knowledge and professional expertise.

#5 Lifehacker Smart Home

Lifehacker is a blog devoted to tips about doing something cheaper, quicker, and more effectively, or life-hacking.

Many people are unaware that Lifehacker has a dedicated smart home site with a variety of tips ranging from the extremely basic “How to preorder your Nest WiFi” to the highly complex “How to protect your WiFi router.”

#6 Build Your Smarthome

Build Your Smarthome has a variety of contents on their website, which is well-structured so that you can instantly locate the information you need.

Do you have to choose from multiple products? Simply search for the related comparison guide in the “Top Product Ratings” list. Do you need any ideas for your smart home design? Go to “Inspiration” and then “DIY Tutorials.”

#7 Raspberry Pi Home Automation Blog

Raspberry PI, like Arduino, is a common single-board machine that is commonly used for home automation.

This blog focuses on using the Raspberry PI to build smart home and home automation systems. It’s a perfect guide for those who like technical stuff and DIY-based home automation approaches.

Hopefully, this has become a helpful resource and guideline for you when building your smart home.


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