Form the last ten years; online relationships are increasing day by day. The statistic says, in 2000, there was a 5% online relationship. After that, in 2010 the percentage was 20%, and in 2017 it increased up to 39%.

Mainly, several convenient apps are available for dating nowadays. And that is the reason to increase the online love. Moreover, these platforms are not like traditional courtship.

Hopefully, it will give you the exact timing of propose and getting marry your lover. That’s why before you search something like eHarmony dating site, read the below tips.

Did You Meet with Your Lover Personally?

There is a significant impact on meeting with your online love face to face. However, it is possible to video and voice chat via FaceTime, Discord and Skype. Also, it is almost same as interacting and meeting like real life.

Besides, one can establish a strong relationship through dating sites online. After chatting for a couple of months, you feel that you know all the whole things of your love.

But there should be no comparison between virtual and real-life meetings. Therefore, we recommend you to meet with your love before you decide marriage.

The Time Duration of Your Relationship

Usually, people feel to stay with love forever when there are in the phase of the honeymoon. But the feeling may change after 2 or 3 years.

Also, sometimes the relationship may aggravate and annoying. Therefore, if you are in a tie for more than two years, then it is time to propose your love.

Did You Live Together Previously?

Spending time with love is very important for every relationship. If you meet and spend lots of time with your beloved one, then it helps you to know better. Moreover, during cohabitating one can acknowledge one other habit.

Also, one will know about the details of daily life activities. Just make it for building a strong bonding with you. We only suggest staying together to getting more about that person.

Do You Think That You are Ready?

What are you thinking after reading the above information? If you believe that you are ready to get married, then you need several tips. Specially, you need to know how to purchase a wedding and engagement rings.

Here, our suggestion is following the style of your fiancée jewelry and buy the same category ring. Besides, if you connect with your fiancée’s friends, then one can discuss with them about the ring.

Moreover, the wedding band of men’s platinum is very familiar. Therefore, you can select a ring from there, or you can take one that suites your fiancée.

The Time to Engaged Deeply

The engaging time is varying man to man for their relationship. Moreover, our suggestion is when you will be ready, and then one should engage deeply. Before that, talk to the fiancée about all the significant issues.

For example, one can clear about financial status and job. Also, you can discuss the future. Finally, if you feel that both of your thinking patterns is the same, then it is an appropriate time to go ahead. Best online matchmaking sites are the pioneer of making such relationships come true.


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