A wedding is a joyous occasion filled with love and celebration. But there is something called wedding shenanigans, which means all the hotchpotch that happens regarding the marriage. As the crucial moment approaches in your life, you suddenly notice all the wrong things happening circling you and your wedding. Your bridesmaids don’t make it on time, and you lose your shoes, everyone is screaming in unison, suddenly everything is going wrong. As a bride, you may feel frustrated and anxious. Not saying this will happen to everyone, but the scenario is entirely possible to happen.

Another common thing that happens to revolve the wedding is people just forget their way to church or show up late because they ignore the location. When this happens, your entire wedding turns into a sorry situation. To combat this, hiring a party bus rental is probably the best solution. Here are some tips about renting a party bus.

Renting A Bus Early

Once you have your wedding date, the ceremony location, and the guest set in order, transportation should be the next step. Booking a party bus a few days before the wedding ceremony is essential. That way, you can arrange and check if the bus route is suitable for the location. How far is the bus station? How much time will it take to reach the desired destination? – should be some questions you need to ask. It’s always best to book a bus a few months before the D-day.

Bus or Limo to Rent?

When you are thinking about safety about your family, friends, and colleagues, you need to think about a bigger vehicle. A limo is fine for prom or small gatherings but isn’t quite suitable for weddings. You can surely argue that hiring a few limousines will sort the problem, but let’s be realistic! What’s the point of spending tones of money hiring different limos when you can solve the problem using a single party bus? Affordability wise “party bus rental near me” prices are much cheaper than 5-6 limos in total. For a much less expensive option, you can even hire a school bus.

People You Are Hiring the Bus For

Before fixing everything or hiring, think of who you are booking the party bus for. While it’s not entirely necessary to keep tabs on people going to attend, there are some people you want to make it on time. So, make a list of who is going to use transportation. Is it the bride and the groom or their families? Keeping a list will help you who is going to use transport. It’s no brainer that the bigger the transportation user list, the bigger a vehicle you need. No matter which vehicle you decide, it’s better to leave room for additional space. Anybody could use a little space to take breathe in a hectic wedding schedule.

These are some of the tips to know before you hire a party bus. Once you have established the points and finalized the transportation, it’s time you consider the costs. Most companies set a three-hour rental limit for weddings, but you can talk to them to expand the time limit. In general, expect to $50-$150 per hour.


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