Prints may seem similar to the artist’s original work, but they are not. Prints are more like preservation of an artist’s work, in a cheaper price. The artist’s original work can be quite expensive, so the print market is a blessing for collectors. 

1. Print Is Different from an Artist’s Original Work

Some people might consider prints to be an exact replica of an artist’s work, but it’s not. A print is a painting made on a plate, then it is transferred to a paper canvas, via ink or printers. This can be done individually or in a group. The main thing to remember is that prints can be independent work of an artist, or it can be a replica of a famous painting by an artist, but the term “print” is not tied to just an artist’s famous painting.

2. No Matter How Many Times You Print, It Will Be the Same

As mentioned earlier, prints can be taken out individually or in batches, but it doesn’t affect the quality of the print. In olden days, this would be an issue. The reason why is because, in the old times, copper was used to produce prints. Now copper, being a soft element, could get easily compressed, so the details would be faltered. But, nowadays, steel sheets are used in printing, so there is no chance of details being missed or the prints being misprinted. No matter if you buy a 1/100 or a 100/100 print, the quality will be the same.

3. Taking Care of Prints

Taking good care of the prints is very important. The reason why, is because prints are printed on paper canvases, which must be properly looked after. Paper prints should be kept away from water, moisture and direct heat or sunlight, because these elements can damage the prints. They should also be framed in proper frames and should be propped against the wall in a proper manner, otherwise the prints are liable to damage. Prints are less expensive than real paintings, but their proper care and maintenance is also advised.

4. Where Should Prints Be Hung?

Prints mostly look good in houses and modern condos. They can also be placed in business firms and local cafes. They add a nice touch of artistic appeal. If you the most of out of these, go for custom canvas prints as they are the best way to personalize your space.

5. Expensive and Cheap Prints

It’s all about quality. Like everything else, some prints are better in quality than others. Some prints are made with care and better printing qualities than others. This is the reason why some prints are priced higher. They are also long-lasting. Some cheaper prints are also available, but as their price suggests, they are of nominal quality and they don’t last as long as better-quality prints. So, it is suggested to invest in good quality prints, if you are considering taking it for your home. 


Above were some tips, if you are considering buying or collecting prints. You can also go for custom canvas prints if you want something unique. Good luck!


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