We share a DJI Mavic pro controller picture. And it’s a Nexus 6P Android phone running the 4 software to chat about how to upgrade the DJI Mavic Air. How to upgrade your DJI Mavic Pro and how to update your DJI Spark? Please note, the following measures are useful for many.

But, it’s not for all DJI drones. The exact displays have often changed occasionally. So, use the following as guidance, follow the program instructions for better performance. We should remember that manual changes to DJI Assistant 2 have not worked every time.

And the smartphone applications are used to run updates as far as possible. In this blog post, you’ll be able to learn what you should know about update your DJI drone.

As a result, you should stay with us and continue reading to know the way to update your favorite DJI drone. So, before you look for drone aerial mapping, let’s read on.

Update Frequency

Today, it seems DJI, if not more regularly, to refresh the machines monthly. They can a subject to an internal calendar. But, most changes have made when a security/security upgrade has required. Or, it’s when new features are ready for prime time.

For the DJI Spark, the time this article has written just a few changes. That makes sense, just a few months before the drone has released. By the time you read this, there will surely the further updates.

Update Methods

Alike as aerial inspection drone there are many ways to upgrade a DJI drone, as described. You may either connect to your PC or use a DJI GO 4 on your wired smartphone or tablet with your Spark or Mavic Pro.

The application is comfortable and can use on the go. The DJI Assistant software we have used to suggest on your PC. DJI Assistant 2 at present. The assistant software has not upgraded to deal with all new drones, though.

Before You Update

We have several things we would suggest you do before you upgrade your DJI drone. They’re fast and predictable, so just for that, let’s tell them aloud. Delete your flight image and images from your micro SD card and manually back up it.

Not necessarily a habit that we have used to guarantee that we have our files. It’s not important. It’s also a nice idea to uninstall card files to make space for more.

But, for another day, we’ll be leaving management. Before you upgrade, re-insert your micro SD wallet. Again, good preparation is not mandatory.

Update Using DJI Fly or DJI GO 4 Mobile App

It is effortless for DJI to upgrade your drone on your mobile device from inside the DJI GO 4 and DJI Fly applications. In reality, if you don’t want them, you will have to ignore notifications deliberately.

You can see a generic warning that an upgrade is available, even before you ‘Enter the drone’ in the app. The Spark app was checked by default – if you question why you can see Spark’s Mavic Pro update on the photo.


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