Bearing a mortgage is anything that you may easily wind yourself doing for the next 30 years. Even if you pay off your mortgage early, odds are you’ll have carried the loan for many years before it’s paid off.

However, in some situations, paying off a mortgage may result in a modest impact on your credit score. Therefore, before you look for the best mortgage refinance companies, let’s know more about this issue.

Paying Off Can Hurt the Credit Score

You’d expect that repaying off a loan would boost your credit score because it shows you’re not borrowing as much. However, in some situations, when you pay off your refinance mortgage in Long Island, you may see a minor drop in your credit score.

Having said the hit in question should be negligible. Your credit score may drop by 10 points or so once your mortgage is paid off. But this isn’t a big knock like you’d suffer if you were late with a few mortgage payments.

Five Things to Consider

So, why should paying off your mortgage have any effect on your credit score? It all comes down to how credit ratings have computed. A credit score has calculated based on five factors:

  • Your credit record, which reflects how on time you pay your expenses.
  • Your credit usage ratio, which evaluates how much of your available revolving credit you’re utilizing at the same time
  • The duration of your credit history, which shows how long you’ve had separate accounts open.
  • Your new credit accounts, which indicate how many loans and credit cards you’ve lately applied for
  • Your credit mix, which displays the sorts of loans you have

Short Credit History

When you don’t get any long-standing accounts in the name other than your house loan, you pay off your loan. So, you may have had for decades. You may have a shorter credit history – and a slight drop in your credit score.

Similarly, you pay off your mortgage and have credit card accounts in your name. This may reflect adversely on your credit mix. This is since mortgages are a good sort of debt to have and credit cards aren’t. 

Would You Avoid Paying Off Mortgage Because You Have Issue With The Credit Score?

You may opt not to pay off your house loan early. This is because you have a low-interest rate and want to save your money for other things. However, if you can pay off your mortgage ahead of schedule and believe it’s the best option for you.

Don’t allow concerns about your credit score to deter you. As previously stated, any negative impact on your credit score due to a mortgage payoff should be modest.

The Bottom Line

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