Here are the best MPVs and people carrier cars you can buy while you are planning to buy a new car.

  1. Volkswagen Sharan

Volkswagen has not been making a lot of MPVs but this one is a pretty solid introduction in the series. The quality ride, easy to use, user-friendly nature, great performance, and a familiar design make it a popular MPV these days. If anyone needs an MPV with seven-person seating capacity and for luggage, Sharan is a competitive choice.

  1. BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

This luxury MPV is expensive but it justifies its price with performance, powerful engines, luxury interior, good fuel economy, and great comfort. The 2 Series seven-seaters by BMW are really impressive when it comes to any MPV and people carrier cars. It is solid, powerful, efficient, has great fuel economy, engines are clean and frugal. What else one needs in an MPV?

  1. Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova Philippines is one of the best MPVs we have nowadays. Toyota has been making some of the best people carriers and Toyota Innova Philippines is one of them. The elegant and modern design, the combination of best tech features, super intelligent performance, high-quality safety, and security features and amazing fuel economy make it one of the best MPVs in 2018.

  1. Ford S-Max

Ford has been one of the top automakers when it comes to MVPs and people carrier cars. But there is a problem with Ford. It doesn’t focus on driving experience and to improve the quality of comfort where other competitors really focus. However, S-Max is a cool MPV and that from Ford. The design is simple and just like any MPV but the performance has seen some major improvements.

  1. Renault Grand Scenic

This MPV stands unique because of its design, look and features offered. It grabs attention because of its design. The seats can be folded down with a button placed on the screen. This makes it a great SUV with a lot of featured offered, good fuel economy, amazing performance and comfort ride quality. People who are looking for an affordable MPV, they can try this and will not be disappointed at all.

  1. SEAT Alhambra

This MPV has also been rated really good when it comes to best MPVs for money and luggage. The interior is super cool with a boxy shape. It accommodates seven persons with enough space left for the luggage. You can compare it with Volkswagen Sharan in terms of design, features and overall performance. But it is somehow different and it is the affordable price tag that makes it very popular.

  1. Kia Cerens

Ceres is a bit different MPV than all listed above. It is more famous as a compact MPV but still adjusts enough persons like the other people carrier cars. There are different models of the car and all are really good, as say many experts. The build and structure of the car make it really safe and secure for the drivers. This can make a perfect family MPV as well as for the people who need a reliable people carrier car.


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