Who says home security systems have to be difficult? Front Point proves that home security may be simple. The selection of home security systems may be complex and challenging for newcomers. There are too many technical complexities, and some systems are difficult to set up and operate.

But that is the purpose of the Front Point Security System. It bills itself as the “simplest” system. This should come as a comfort to anyone unfamiliar with these gadgets. Therefore, before you look for smart plugs and switches, let’s know more about them.


Now that you answer a few questions about your house, Front Point will offer a package to you. You may select from five ready-made bundles of various components and gadgets.

But you can customize the specifics. When you’re eager, you can get a free quotation on the cost of the system that would best fit your house and needs. So, the complete package precisely meets your needs.


These packages begin with a couple of sub-$100 Safe Home options, and you may upgrade to more comprehensive alternatives for a higher price. This general concept is the same as in Everyday.

However, this one is geared for pet owners. This includes expert intruder monitoring. You also receive an additional door sensor, two motion sensors, and a smoke and heat sensor. This includes the entire suite of devices, as well as a smart video doorbell camera.

Monitoring Plans

Every plan needs a three-year commitment. And you have three options. The monthly cost of the Protection Plan is $35, the Interactive Plan is $45, and the Ultimate Plan is $50.

This is the most fundamental function that almost every home security system provides. You have an alarm monitoring system in place that can handle an alarm at any moment.

Even fires, floods, and burst pipes in your house may handle by the monitoring system. This ensures that house attackers cannot cut any landlines. How can you know if the system is operational? This automatic system check ensures it.

The Mobile App

Not each app has created equal. This is safe to assume that not all home security applications are created equal, including the Front Point Security app. The navigation method is simple. So you can access your security arming choices by just tapping an icon.

You have alerted whenever your system has disarmed. You may receive notifications for a variety of events. This means you’ll get notifications whenever someone enters or exits your house.

You may also use the sensors to receive an alarm if someone opens a medicine cabinet or leaves a rear door open. You’re also kept up to date on the CO, water, temperature, and smoke levels in your house.

The Camera Features

It’s not your typical security camera. This has featured that you won’t find in other systems. You have infrared night vision as well as long-range capabilities. You have two-way communication. So if you notice someone using your camera, you can communicate to them, and they can talk back.

The videos you record are in full HD resolution. You may enlarge your movies or live feeds by zooming in. It’s only important occurrences, such as when individuals enter or depart your house or if someone enters your bedroom, can record by the cameras.


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