If you want to use a unique kind of shoes, then tie-dye will be the most popular. For a more extended period, the process is famous, and many people like it. Each shoe pair will be different and unique. Besides, you can search “buy Italian shoes online” for getting new shoes according to your choice.

Basically, if you think your clothing becomes dull, you can wear this kind of shoes to create a fashionable look. Well, pants, jackets, and t-shirts are the top choices for tie-dying. But, shoes are also one of them nowadays.

Tie-dying shoes are popular among people, and they love to wear them. Plus, it creates a gorgeous look. Before you look for the Berlina shoes, you will find some tips to process your dull shoes to look stylish.

Prepare the Shoes

Therefore, if you want to create a new style by the shoes, you have to prepare. First of all, you need to select the shoe. So, you can start with the white sneakers. As the shoes are blank, so, you can make a style easily. Once you select the shoe, your half work is already done.

But, if you think of using the old shoe, you have to clean the shoe properly. Also, it would help if you remembered to cover all logos of the shoe. Otherwise, it won’t look good. Plus, it would help if you remembered to cover the soles as well.

Different Types of Tie-Dye Process

Generally speaking, if you want to dye your clothing, then it will be an easy task. But the shoe dying is not simple as clothing. Well, you cannot bunch the shoe as your t-shirt. Therefore, you will find many different types of dye processes in your shoe. If you know the process, your task will be easy.

Food Coloring and Shaving Cream

However, you can dye your shoe by using available ingredients. Well, you can use food coloring, shaving cream, and a try. Fill up the try by using food color and shaving cream.

Take a knife to make a pattern as you want. Now, take the shoe, and then roll it on the mixture. Then leave it for around 15 min. clean the excess mixture and let the shoe dry.

Rubbing Alcohol and Sharpies

Furthermore, this process may take more time. But, the method will help you to create creative designs. Select some various colors and apply them. Select the best pattern and design.

It will make your shoe more gorgeous and unique. After you have done the task, blot the artwork with the running alcohol. It will have the best effect on the show. Now, let it dry completely.

Sponges or Brushes

Additionally, you can apply fabric dye. It is available in the market. Plus, you can do it. Just follow the instruction. You will find the instructions for your dye. So, read it properly, and follow the tips as they have said.

If you can fulfill the requirement, then you will get the best result. So, do not delay for anything. Apply the color, and let the shoes dry well. Now, you are ready to wear the shoes.


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