You know how difficult it is to keep the interior of your vehicle clean if you drive a lot for business or have children and pets. Here are some cleaning techniques and procedures to restore the luster to your car. Disclaimer: I won’t tell you to buy any car interior accessories!

1. Remove Any Visible Rubbish 

Before bringing out the vacuum cleaner and cleaning tools, remove all visible trash. Trash will most often be found on the floor, beneath the seats, and in the spaces between the seats. Throw away any wrappers, bottles, toys, or anything that vacuum won’t pick up. 

2. Clean Floor Mats 

Remove the vehicle’s floor mats and shake them out as much as possible. Vacuuming will be a lot simpler now. Scrub them with soap and hot water first. Now, let them air dry thoroughly before reinstalling them. 

3. Vacuum Interior Car Seats & Floors 

Vacuum the front and rear seats, the floor, and the trunk if required. Also, vacuum behind the pedals and along with the side door panels, as well as wherever else you can reach the nozzle.

4. Wipe Away All Dust & Grime

Once the automobile has been vacuumed, use a soft cloth or cleaning wipes to wipe away any remaining debris, sticky residue, or dust. Spray just enough amount of car-specific cleaner over the console, steering wheel, and space between the seats to restore that new-car appearance.

5. Clean Cup Holders 

Cup holders may collect dirt, coffee spills, and dead hair and skin cells (yuck). Use a cotton swab soaked in a cleaning solution to reach those hard-to-reach places. The whole cup holder is detachable in certain automobiles for easy cleaning.

6. Clean Interior Windows

Wipe windows clean with a paper towel after spraying a window cleaning solution on them. For an efficient DIY window cleaner, use one cup of water, two teaspoons of vinegar, and one cup of rubbing alcohol. 

7. Remove Any Stains 

Try this DIY treatment if there are stains on the seats or carpet (which we promise there will be, particularly if you have kids!). Combine two cups of water, one cup vinegar, and roughly a tablespoon of dish soap in a spray bottle. Allow 15 minutes after spraying on the stains to dry. After that, wipe it down with a towel. It works!

8. Cleaning Pet Hair

If you own a dog, you are familiar with the frustrations of dealing with pet hair in the automobile. Use a rubber-dipped glove if the vacuum doesn’t remove all the fur. Brush the hair away with your palm, and it magically adheres to the glove! 

9. Make a Car Freshener at Home

A cup of baking soda and only 5 drops of your chosen essential oil may be used to make a DIY vehicle freshener. For 24 hours, combine the soda and oil in a sealable plastic bag or glass jar. After that, give it a good shake, sprinkle it over the car’s floor, and set it aside for 20 minutes. 

So, vacuum up the baking soda, then. The fragrance will remain in your vehicle, making it smell fresh and clean!


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