Stores with warehouses come with great food samples. However, they don’t just serve tasty and suitably free bites. This is not a good idea to go grocery shopping with a hungry stomach. Many people think that doing this makes them more likely to move away from their shopping list.

And when you’re hungry, you can do these offensive things at the grocery stores. In this case, samples of free food are a kind of blessing for the shoppers like you.

That’s why; we’re here with the stores that offer the best free food samples. So, before you look for the closest grocery store, let’s know the grocery stores that provide free food samples.

Sam’s Club

No worries if you choose this Sam’s Club. It’s because still, some tasty free food samples are out there at this warehouse store. Indeed, Sam’s Club gave away twice free samples until Thanksgiving a few years ago. On the weekends, a wide range of food samples frequently occur.

Kristin McGrath, editor and shopping specialist of, says, “On hectic days, it’s hard to travel 10 steps without a sampling cart. Free samples are available in most warehouse shops. But between Sam’s Club, BJs, and Costco, there are six major distinctions.

Trader Joe’s

Indeed, Traders Joe’s samples are not large like the club stores. But, something has sampled each day at pretty well every store. Also, you’ll not find any crowds to contend with. It’s consistent with John Stranger.

He is the VP Group Supervisor of the food-focused creative agency EvansHardy+Young. One staff member advises going to the shop in the late evening. That’s because the staff attempts to remove more free samples. More than a snack portion, you will have greater luck eating.

Whole Foods

When you search for “grocery store near me” the Whole Foods is one of the best option for you as it has constantly outstanding free food samples. It’s good for the shoppers as they offer such high-quality, tasty foods, as per McGrath. Some of the stores offer free samples on particular days, often weekends.

Also, staffs are pretty good about providing you a food trial cup of pasta or potato salad when you request at the pre-prepared food counter. It’s quite similar to other shops which offer a great sampling of cuisine.

Whole Foods welcomes suppliers to come and actively take free samples of Whole Foods. It does not necessarily mean that all foods are pushed. As a bonus, the policy allows consumers to test or test virtually any product.


As very often as Costco or Club warehouse, Walmart doesn’t provide free samples of food. But, this store hosts some particular in-store weekend events. At these events, they offer free samples of food.

These differ from one location to another. Therefore, locate your local Walmart store and select further information on the news and events website.

Sometimes, its particular holidays and events like Mothers Day or back-to-school season. And Walmart provides free samples. Typically, the samples are part of a product show with the sampling stations in the whole store.


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