You might be a person of “won’t go away the house devoid of ideal hair” type. Also, you would be a persona with investing your effort and time into the irregular blowout.

Even you may expect to make longer all blowouts for if it’s potential to exploit the hair flattening efforts. For both persons, how can you keep up your first day perfectly through the other days of the month?

That’s why we’re here with some tips from the professional hairdresser to make your long-lasting blowout. So, before you look for “salon services near me,” let’s know some professionals’ secrets regarding blowouts.

Prep Properly

Before you pick up the blow dryer, the clandestine to a long-term blowout begins. In this case, prep the hair with a volumizing product if the blow-out point is an excellent hair and it does not hold the shape.

It’s like a mousse of light in weight that will plump strands up. Your hair might be frizz-prone if they’re full and thick. So, take your upper hand along with a scheming styling hair cream that will keep away flyaway and fuzz hairs.

Divide & Conquer

Michael Albor, Matrix Artistic Director, said that the largest fault people do while blow-drying is not fully drying all of their hair. That means you should not rush when you dry your hair.

So, take enough time to make your hair divided into fine, small sections. And move the brush to the blow dryer with care from your scamp to the end. You have to do it several times to take all sections of the hair dehydrated.

Round is The Best

You have to blow dry your hair with boar or ceramic bristle. It’s because this type of brush provides you the largest boost for the buck. Your brush should belong according to your hair’s length. Also, if you have a larger hairbrush, it’ll give you a straight result.

So, if you have a smaller type of brush, it’ll give you a tight curl. Direct all sections in the reverse direction to get more raise at their roots since you dry. After that, release it to keep the hands off if it’s not cool entirely.

When the hair is warm and put a clip into place, you can make a curl barrel-shaped. When you want to remove the clips, set the hair over and done with. And hang around waiting for it to become cold. The professional hairdresser from Raleigh hair salons also do this in the same way.

Understand Your Spray

Hairsprays work great when it comes to blowout your hair. So, you should know well what spray you’re going to use to make a long-lasting blowout. In this case, Michael Albor suggests that a good spray means to continue wetting and assist shape to set your hair.

Mist making spray on all sections while blowing dry. If you use an aerosol spray, it’ll lock the shape until it finishes. Aerosol hair spray makes your hair dry. As a result, they should hold 12 – 14 inches ahead of your head.


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