It’s hard to go inside a hospital and not see an ultrasound device. Yes, they are that common. But ultrasound devices used at hospitals are usually bulky with lots of functions. They are a moving hassle. But thankfully, technology has come a long way and we can carry around ultrasound devices. The best home ultrasound devices work to make our lives easier. They can be used for therapy and they can do a lot of other things, too. We are going to talk about the reasons to use an ultrasound device at home.

What Are Home Ultrasound Devices?

Ultrasound devices that you can carry around with you are called portable ultrasound devices and those portable devices can be used at home. They come in different shapes and sizes and they all have various functions. Some are a little big and weigh around 3 to 4KG, others are quite light and they weigh less than 1KG; these are usually called handheld ultrasound devices. Depending on your needs and wants, you can use any kind of portable ultrasound devices at home.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is a very common practice to relieve pain. Deep heat or mechanical vibrations on the area of pain is applied in this method. This process is non-invasive and has high efficacy for diseases such as arthritis.  If you have an arthritis patient at home, using a handheld ultrasound device will help a lot. Using those devices are really easy and can be used without the help of a medical professional.


Visiting a physiotherapy clinic for getting therapy may seem like a drag and also time will be lost during the commute. Some people don’t like that. For them, handheld ultrasound devices are a blessing. They can stay at their homes, relax and use the device for their own therapy. Since the best home ultrasound devices by ultrasound system manufacturers are usually not that heavy, people can take the devices with them wherever they go and use them when needed. These devices are classified on the basis of the range of frequencies and the type probes or transductions. Usually, they are in the range of 1MHz to 3MHz.

No Need for Restriction

Handheld ultrasound devices provide low-frequency sound waves for heating contrary to hospitals’ ultrasound devices that provide a high-frequency sound wave. That’s why the handheld ultrasound devices are safe for longer use and they don’t have much restriction since there is no chance of tissue heating or damage.

Little to No Supervision

In hospitals, patients are under constant supervision because they need it as the ultrasound devices use high-frequency sound waves. But when you use handheld devices, you don’t need that. You can complete a therapy session without the help of another person.


The reason given above is responsible for portable ultrasound devices to be used so often nowadays. They are also very useful for pain relief for diseases like trigeminal neuralgia and osteoarthritis. These devices will be more common in the near future.


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