Moving out can be a nerve-wracking affair. You have to pack, and ship your stuff and clean the former residence. You have to be more careful while you are moving-out that moving in. You know why. Otherwise, the deposit check will not be that healthy looking.

Veteran movers, especially the college students, follow a detailed checklist before leaving the dorm or shared apartments. Most of the time, they got the entire deposit back. How? Because that checklist helps them in detail, move out cleaning.  

Let us look at that checklist. Make sure you follow all of them before dropping the key into the rental office.

Disinfect The Surfaces

First, wipe the kitchen and toilet surfaces. It will kill the germs along with cleaning the surfaces. Toilet got some of the toughest stains and germs. Therefore, take action accordingly.

Wipe all the glass and metal surfaces with a disinfectant solution. It will not only bring the shine but will also drive away germs.

Clean The Stove And Oven

The new tenant will not love to see the grime you left behind in the stove and oven. They may be your memories of numerous Friday nights; however; those would be significant pain for the newcomer.

Thus, make sure you clean all the stain and grease in the stove and oven. Deodorizing would be a plus, however not necessary.

Clean The Refrigerator

Remove all the stuff from the refrigerator and wipe it out. Leave a cup of vinegar or coffee inside it to remove the mustiness.

Do the same for the dishwasher and stovetop microwave oven. First, clean them and then deodorize. Most of the dishwashers come with cleaning cycles; therefore, use that.

Soap Scum Can Be The Deposit Cutter

It will take a lot of effort for your property owner to clean your left behind soap scums and molds from the tub. I am sure he will deduct that effort from your deposit cheque. Clean the tub with a commercial cleaner to get the shine back.

Freshen Up The Floors

The floor keeps most of the dirt, debris, and germs from your footprints. However, it will not be wise to leave those memories behind. Mop if it is a wooden floor. If it is carpeted, use commercial standard shampoos. Hiring a professional floor could be handy; nevertheless, keep an eye on your budget.

Clean The Appliances And Blinds

For a furnished apartment, you have some extra cleaning to do. You have to clean all the electrical appliances before you leave. Moreover, dusting the blinds will be an extra hassle. 

Use a long-pole vacuum cleaner with a brush to wipe the blinds. It will save both your energy and expense. How? You can use the same vacuum cleaner to clean floors and carpets.

Remove The Pet Odor 

Your cute and loving pet may remove all the stresses of the hectic da; however; the new tenant may not like that presence. The odor of your pet could be a serious issue after you leave.

Remove all the pet odor by using commercial grade deodorizer. Hire move in house cleaning services if you think that these are something that you can’t do yourself.


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