We’d like to say that days have gone when your patients had needed to bring their medical test’s reports and images with them to meet a doctor. But, the scenery has changed entirely you need neither wait for your medical images or other reports nor need to bring them with you. This has been possible for medical imaging storage solutions in cloud-based storage. Now, you’re in the process where you no need film, no other issue like security, and no time-sensitive concerns. If you want an efficient healthcare practice, then you should strongly consider sharing your patients’ medical images. That’s why it’s definitely not the best way when a hand delivered imaging is one method to share them. When you’re with cloud-based storage you can get the power back and get rid of burning CDs and sending mail.

Why Share Medical Images

When you’re using any cloud service, for example, a Referring Physician Portal, you can directly upload your images. So, if you need to store anything of your patients then simply press the “Share” button into your account. If we talk to the benefits of using this service, then we should talk about this issue. This is the time when you’ll find the cloud in every possible business, for example, in accounting. In addition to these, it has been the heart of medical imaging over the past few years. Besides, it’ll help you save a big amount of money if you add a referring physician portal to your infrastructure. What’s more, you’ll get rid of all frustration that you’re getting for the issue of CD burning.

How It Works

As we can’t tell you about the entire cloud provider, we’re simply going with Purview ViVa cloud. It’s because to give you an idea of how it works and how easy it’s to use. Suppose you’re associated with an imaging center so you need to share the images with your patients and doctors. As a result, when you make do your patient’s scans, it’s time to upload to medical image cloud storage using your account. But, remember it, you need nothing to worry about whatever your files’ sizes are. Because of you’re getting storing nothing on your system; things are going to the cloud directly. It means that you’re keeping your things in the cloud with a limitless, secured, and much more reliable than your cabinet.


How to Share It

When you like to share it with your desired persons like your patients and doctors, you can share it via email. In this case, you have to copy and paste a secure viewer link, or you can use a secure download link as well. Remember that you’re getting the option to share with an extra security layer. For example, you don’t need to share it as health info if you’re a veterinarian. But, it’ll not be the same when you’ll treat a human being. At the end of the post, the summary is that you just choose the secure link and user to share your documents.


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