Linear motion bearings give free motion in one direction. There are various types of linear motion bearings. They incorporate many rows of recirculating balls or rollers for low friction and precise linear motion. No matter what type it is, all linear slides give linear motion based on bearings. In this article, we have made a list of some of the best linear motion bearings manufacturers in New Jersey. They make both cheap linear motion bearings and the pricey ones.

Rollon Corp.

Rollon is a prominent manufacturer of linear motion systems and guides. Rollon’s engineering staff works throughout the USA and they serve all of North America. Their product line includes linear, telescopic, actuator, and actuator system line. Their linear line has linear and curved guides with balls and roller bearings paired with hardened raceways that have high load capacity, self-alignment and they can work in dirty environments. The linear line has products like compact rail, X-Rail, speedy rail, easy slide, etc.

Iko, International Inc.

IKO has 70 years of experience in making high-quality needle bearings, linear motion rolling guides, machine components, and precision positioning tables. They have a patented C-Lube technology which they use in many of their products. This lubrication system is built-in and it remains maintenance-free for more than 20,000 KM. They have built an extraordinary reputation over the years and they always strive to live up to that. Their linear line of products includes roller type rolling guides, ball type rolling guides, ball splines, linear and rotary bushings, etc.

AST Bearings

AST Bearings is a limited liability company that operates out of Parsippany, New Jersey. They provide products for lots of different industries, e.g. Robotics, transportation, aerospace and defense, alternative energy, industrial, security, food, and beverage, etc. Their precision bearing product line has products like ball bearings, roller bearings, thrust bearings, linear bushing bearings, spherical plain bearings, etc.

They make custom bearings, too depending on their clients’ needs. They also provide various services, e.g. bearing engineering consulting and design, bearing failure analysis, quality inspection, and verification, bearing application engineering, etc.

Servo Systems Co.

Servo is a motion control distributor who offers a various range of reliable, affordable, and top-quality automation products. If you choose Servo, you can rest assured that you will have outstanding products from a top-quality manufacturer at a competitive price. They have a wide array of products available from brakes and gearheads to drivers and motors.

They have brakes, gearheads and couplings, DC motors and speed controllers, integrated motors, feedback devices, linear components, linear stages and rotary tables, motion controllers, power supplies, Servo motors, etc. Their linear line of products has linear stepper motor, brushless cog-free LMCF series, AC linear induction, etc.


All of the manufacturers named here has a good history of providing high-quality products to their esteemed clients. They provide both cheap linear motion products and high-end linear motion products. They always try to live up to their high standards.


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