Are you looking for the sewer line’s replacement cost? Or you may face trouble from your house sewer lines. Well, do not worry! Today we have come with all the solutions of the sewer lines replacements and so on.

Many house owners do not consider sewer line replacement as their responsibility. But it is entirely a wrong idea. Replacement of the sewer lines and solve any kinds of problems is your duty to fix them.

Sometimes, people think that they will get this service from the city corporation. Indeed, the city work will take care of your city but not your house sewer lines replacement.

Now you may ask how to do this task at home. Here in the below discussion, you will get some easy tips and tricks to replace the sewer line items. Hopefully, you will able to replace and repair any issues with your house sewer lines. So, before you look for the best seawall repair, let’s begin!

Problems of the Sewer Line

Firstly, one has to identify the problems with the sewer lines. Suppose you do not know the issues of how it would be possible to repair it. Usually, the older houses have bitumen-coated, cast iron, clay, and fiber-pipe.

All the pipes are identified as Orangeburg. But the new houses have PVC that means plastic sewer lines. Sometimes, the sewer lines damage due to natural reasons.

For example, the ground gets settle from time to time, and the tree’s roots can damage the sewer lines. Whatever the reason, if the sewer lines become damaged, then you have to repair or replace them as soon as possible. You may need to pay $250 to $400 to fix the sewer line’s pipes.

Replace and Trench: About $150 to $450 per Foot 

Now we will present some fantastic tips to repair the sewer pipes. First, you have to replace the pipes and then trench them. Indeed, it is one of the best sewer line repairing techniques. Well, we will suggest you go to the expert and take better service.

Also, we will recommend you pick up the PVC pipes for the sewer lines. Sometimes, people think that PVC pipes are so much expensive. Here, you can believe that you can bear the PVC cost. This matter is alike as seawall construction cost. It looks much expensive but its bearable cost.

It is a bit expensive than clay. But you will get far better performance from PVC than another one. Lastly, do not forget to tell the workers about trenching.  

Pipe Teeming: About $70 to $250 per Foot

The charge of the pipe teeming is about $70 to $250. Usually, the trenching needs two holes. One is accessing, and another one is the exit hole. Also, the contractor pulls the new pipe over the old one.

But this technique is not perfect for every place. In this case, the contractor goes for the teeming pipe way.

Pipe Liners Cost: Around $70 to $350 per Foot

Lastly, we will tell you the pipe liners cost to repair the sewer lines. Most of the time, you can get the service from $70 to $350. But it may vary on the place where you live and the sewer line’s conditions.


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