Life may become awful. It seems hard to find time between school, job and personal life to get a three-course meal in the kitchen. But, don’t worry, we always want to make your life better.

So we will teach you today how to organize a three-course meal by delivering pizza. Well, before you look for a “frozen pizza deals near me,” let’s know the ideas about making a plan for a 3-course meal with pizza.

3-Course Meal with Pizza

Let’s begin with the daily star: pizza. If you like pizza, you can select your favorite Hungry Howie’s® pizza from the most important component. Planning your 3-course meal from there with pizza side dishes enables you to make the most of your order.

So, this may be a 3-course supper for you or a buddy to enjoy, depending on how hungry you are.

  • First Course: Fresh Salad
  • Second Course: Favorite Hungry Howie’s® Pizza
  • Third Course: Howie Brownie

3-Course Meal with Howie Wings®

Now let’s see how a 3-course meal with our tangy and delicious Howie Wings can be structured. ® Regardless of the chicken wing flavor, it’s too wonderful to be true. Take Howie Wings® into account your protein need for the day. And we don’t judge; you may dip them into any sauce you choose.

It’s personally a three-course dinner; we would say, simply too delicious to share. So, please note that with this food, we include Howie Bread®, but you don’t have to consume all of them.

  • Fist Course: 3 Cheeser Howie Bread®
  • Second Course: Favorite Hungry Wings®
  • Third Course: Salted Caramel Howie Brownie

3-Course Meal with Oven Baked Subs

What do you get if you want all the wonderful pizza things plus all the good hot sub things? Well, with Hungry Howie’s® you order a sub cooked with an oven. So, you can choose an endless choice, go to a classic Italian sub.

Or, you’ll be adventurous with a Chicken Bacon Ranch, or go to the best pizza variety Deluxe sub if you really want that pizza taste.

  • First Course: Fresh Salad
  • Second Course: Favorite Oven-Baked Sub
  • Third Course: Cinnamon Howie Bread®

3-Course Meal with Howie Rolls®

That’s our idea of lunch planning for 3 courses. We may match cheesy, steaming and tasty hand-made meals with better-manufactured cuisine. The only problem with this dinner is whether we start the first or second courses, or maybe between the first and the second courses.

So, we have difficulty to figure out. However, we are convinced that this 3-course lunch will enable you to take on all your chores with a grin on your face throughout your working day.

  • First Course: Favorite Howie Roll™
  • Second Course: Favorite Howie Wings®
  • Third Course: Chocolate Howie Brownie

3-Course Meal with Fresh Salad

Last but not least, we have the perfect 3-course dinner suggestion for you on those days when you want a healthy side to eat and go for a fresh, crisp, tasty salad. We know that the temptation will crack, and you must also add protein to it as long as you start with a fresh salad, so your next step is to load your full taste.


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