I think we all have been through a situation very often when our closets are just overflowing yet we don’t find anything to wear. Let’s have a look at few steps to organize our closets for once and all, so we can use every item dumped into our closets for a long period.

1. Cleanse and Sort It All


Firstly, cleanse out everything from your closet to see the bursting treasure hidden in your closet for a long time. You can keep the stuff on your bed or some neat area in your bedroom where you can sort out things into different categories. Keep clothes at one place, shoes, and accessories and other stuff each at separate places.

If you have too much stuff to handle, you can always get it removed with the help of a junk removal Wilmington NC service.

2. Organize Items

Organize above items as most important like for regular use, less important like used once in a month and least important like never used or required once in a year. There are ample of such things literally which are dumped in our closets after bought and never used so such things must be sorted out.

Now, you need to keep regular use items at your eye level and less important things may be in the lower portion of your closet. While the least important things can be dumped into a most upper portion above your height level where you need some stool or staircase to reach. Group your accessories and smaller stuff as per the items used like phone chargers, batteries, toys etc.

Coming to the clothes section, sort them out as well like shirts and tops on one side and bottoms on another side while the inners and undergarments can be categorized separately. Same goes for your shoes where you need to sort them out as boots, sandals, and slippers.

3. Eliminate Unnecessary Things

Well, I know it is a kind of very difficult phase to eliminate things out from your closet but trust me you are going to feel very light once you have done this. And of course, your closet is going to feel much lighter as well, chuckles! But don’t worry as elimination does not mean throwing away things, you might shift them to other place or give them to your loved ones who would like to use your stuff. Or you can also sell them or donate to others as it will be beneficial as well.

4. Set Them Back

Now the interesting phase begins when you are going to set them back for your use. It is better to put some storage boxes as per your available space to keep things tidy and visible. Or you can make your customized containers for every section you need in your closet to easily drag out and put them back after use. Dresses can be hanged and bottoms and sweaters need to be folded in a lower section. Put your shoes and accessories each in different storage section stacked with the wall of your closet. While you can hang your belts and scarves in the closet door and put the extra towels or blankets in the upper section.

Again, the best thing is to keep the items you would be needing and donate or dispose of unwanted things by using a Wilmington NC junk removal service.


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