Moving a house within the state or to another state is a demanding job in itself and when you add up the expenses it becomes chaotic and mentally stressful. The moving costs, the new house rentals, the cost of basic utilities and other expenses can be really costly. However, preplanning can decrease your costs and you can move cheaply in Manhattan.

1. Time Is Money

You would surely know the date of your movement, so you should definitely start beforehand. Start at least a month or even 2 months before so that you don’t lose your precious time at the last moment. You can also gather friends and family to lend you a helping hand in packing. This way you will need the costly packers and movers service.

2. Packing Supplies

You can cut down your costs in packing supplies a swell. Many things are needed to pack up stuff safely such as bubble wraps, packing peanuts and cartons. You can ask for used cartons in free from the local shops or from friends and family who have recently moved. You can save up past bubble wraps and old newspapers and wrap fragile items in those. Also make use of old bed sheets, big clothes, blankets and towels to wrap and cushion your stuff. You would also have suitcases, bags, baskets and buckets to pack and store everything.

3. Save When You Hire Professional Mover Service

Even if you are hiring a professional moving service if you are moving out of state, then you can pre book in advance to get discounts. Also choose a time and day that is the cheapest of the days and book that day. Do not book on weekends and holidays as the costs would be high on those days. Survey around and hire a company that offers the best services in the cheapest rates.

4. Take Only What Is Necessary

Another way to save costs is to pack and take with you what you really need. Declutter your whole house and clear everything away. Throw the whole garbage and donate things that you do not need and probably will never use or hire a junk removal on Long Island service to haul away your junk. This way your moving service will charge less if you have less furniture and stuff with you.

5. Ask or Rent for a Van or Truck

If the service of movers is expensive, you can ask your friend or family member to lend you a big truck or van if they have. You can also give them rent or they can drop you as well. If no one has a big van, then renting one from a junk removal Manhattan NY company will cost far less than taking the help of a moving service. You can haul the stuff in the van by taking the help of your friends.

6. Sell Your Stuff

You can also sell your stuff online or hold a garage sale at your house and sell all the unused, second hand and items that are all in good condition and make money.


Your efforts to save money in moving should not stop even after you have moved as already your expenses are very high. Taking the right decision will cut your costs in moving to your new house.


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