You need to know few facts before buying skis as the selection may vary as per your skill level. Below are some important tips and guide you need to consider before stepping into the shop.

1. Gender Differences

It sounds weird but you need to know that gender matters a lot when you are buying skis. There are some specialized skis for women considering their needs and the skis vary in size, weight and have anatomical shape as per their requirements. While men’s skis have other features as per their abilities and requirements but may be considered as unisex while women should only buy especially designed skis for ladies only.

Females can also opt for the used womens skis initially to get the idea of how the features of size and shape are important and matters before buying their own.

2. Important Dimensions to Consider

Length, width and size are the important dimensions to must consider and select skis as per your body needs. It is recommended to buy one with a length of it reaching your chin or head from the bottom while if you are a beginner then try to buy a one with shorter length. It is because shorter length in skis are much easier to turn than the longer ones. While the ski widths contribute to your ski performance and how you feel doing it. It is measured at three points from tip to waist to tail and written in the same format on size charts. Be informed that narrower widths help in quicker turns while wider widths give better floatation.


3. Skill Level

Well again, skis vary a lot whether you are a beginner or an expert skier. With passing time, ski technology is advancing and your needs and skill levels requires another ski to better match your ski style and the terrain.

Both men and women should be extra cautious no matter how hard skier they are, they need to consider the turns and their control on edges. Ladies using used womens skis need to know their skill level to have knowledge when to stop by controlling at red and blue runs.

4. Turning Radius

It is again an important thing to consider while buying skis as it largely impacts your ski performance. If the waist width is narrower as compared to the tip and tail, then it will give shorter turn radius with deeper side cuts. While it is good to have a medium turn radius which is also advised for mountain riding.


5. Riding Style, Rocker Type and Terrain

These are few technical things you must know before buying a ski. Ladies having used womens ski must consider above points before using the one they have. Rocker type may be camber or full or flat profile as per the pressure distribution over the ski lengths. While any riding style can be used with any terrain while considering some specs might help you to perform better. And if you are a beginner then you may use All Mountain Skis and other accessories like nitro barrage snowboard boots due to their flexible performance across all terrains.


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