Do you know that the economy of the world mostly runs on agriculture? You may think the USA runs on manufacturing industries, yes they do. But there are many countries where agriculture is the primary sector of the people there. As the World is developing, people are now trying to adjust to the newest technology, new research, crops, etc.

However, getting adjusted to new research, new crop, or technology is not so easy. People need the training to adjust to something new. In most cases, people have to travel abroad to learn about things. Thanks to web conferencing platforms, now people can get the necessary training from home. They don’t have to travel anywhere for the training. Here I will tell you how exactly online meetings are helping the agricultural industry.

#1. Reduce Travel Time

Online meetings help a farmer to get the necessary training and instructions online. The farmers do not have to travel to another city or country. This helps to reduce the time needed to travel and the time needed for the meetings or training.

Imagine you have ten thousand acres of sugarcane field. Now you want to increase the production in your field or save the crops from getting affected by a new disease. If you need to travel to an expert of another city to get the necessary instructions, it will take 2 to 3 days. In that time, half of your crops may already be affected. Video meetings will help you save this time.

#2. Save Money

Imagine you bought a new machine to plough your land, but you don’t have the necessary instructions to run it. Online video meetings will be a great help in this situation.

Millions of experts are waiting to help you; you can also have a one-to-one interaction with an expert. The expert will instruct you live which button to press when. This will save your time and cost to hire a professional.

#3 Huge Marketing Opportunity

Imagine you are a seller of pesticides or insecticides. You want to sell your product to farmers. Now you don’t have the time to run to every farmer to every corner of the country and sell your product.

Here is an interesting solution, arrange a webinar with 100 farmers, select an expert as the host. The host will give tips on how to increase the production of the crops, and do free advertisement of your product. Most likely, all of them will buy the product from you. You will get customers at a very cheap cost.

#4 Create New Connection

One online meeting can create 100 connections for you. If you can arrange a webinar with experts and farmers, you will connect with both experts and farmers.

So, when you are trying to sell a product or need a bit of advice, you can directly contact someone you already know. This will help increase the value of your business.

Final Words

If you are in the agricultural industry, as a business, or as a farmer you should move in with the changing world. Get adjusted to the web meeting platforms.


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