The reason that why people don’t often replace their mattresses is that they are pretty expensive. If proper maintenance is made, they can last longer and will benefit your health wise as well.

Signs When to Replace Your Mattress

For a better good night sleep, it is suggested to change/replace your mattress especially when you are experiencing the following situations:

1. The Saggy/Bulging Mattress

The sagginess or bulging downwards of your mattress is the indication that it is worn out and you need to replace it as soon as possible. As per the recent scientific studies on sleep, most people experience restless or insufficient sleep because they’ve worn out mattresses.

Whatever type of mattress you have, eventually the things lose their originality. The spring mattress sags due to the breakdown of springs inside it while the wool, cotton and coir fiber mattresses also sat down with time producing a hammock effect.

Sleeping on such mattresses is painful, uncomfortable, itchy and results in disturbed sleep. There is no other solution than changing your mattresses instead of having uneasy and restless sleeping hours. So, get it removed with the help of furniture disposal Austin or junk removal West Austin services and buy a new one. You will thank us later.

2. If the Mattress is 7-10 Years Old

The minimum lifespan that any type of mattress ranges between 7 years to 10 years. Definitely, it is dependent on your sleeping hours, the number of people using it, on the kind of materials used and on the manufacturing quality.

It is evident that no matter how expensive and good quality material a mattress is made of, they will get aged and tear off with time and its extensive usage. So, if your mattress is showing signs of aging and is badly worn out, it is better to get rid of it as soon as possible.

3. If You Are Facing Worsen Allergies More Often Than Usual

You know the fact that the mattresses, with the passage of time, become a habitat and nourishing places for dust mites and house numerous allergens. So, if you have dust allergies and asthma problems and it is getting worse at night when you go to bed and sleep, you should consider changing your mattress.

4. If You Are Experiencing Muscle Stiffness

Mattresses are designed targeting comfortable and relaxed sleeping hours. In case if you are waking up in the morning feeling tired and aching muscles, it means that it is not supporting your body properly. A new mattress is helpful in eliminating backpains, reduce muscle aches and enhances comfortable sleep.

5. If the Mattress is Getting Uncomfortable

The mattresses are designed in various layers that ensure the comfort level of human bodies. The uppermost layers are also called as comfort layers for the same reason as they are linked with pressure relief.

With extensive usage and eventually as it ages, these layers worn out and result in uncomfortableness according to furniture disposal Austin companies. In such cases, there is no other solution than changing your mattresses instead of sleeping on cushions and couches every single night.


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