Right now, hard seltzers are all the rage! People like the fantastic taste that comes with a low-calorie drink. But did you know that these wine spritzer recipes make it simple to make your favorite hard seltzers at home?

That’s correct! In your kitchen, you can effortlessly prepare your favorite hard seltzer recipes! You’ll need flavored seltzer water and, of course, WINE! What’s the best part?

So, these hard seltzer varieties are also low-alcohol and low-calorie, and you don’t have to have your favorite taste on hand all the time. You can combine and combine! Therefore, before you look for a sparkling wine bottle, let’s know the recipes.

Mango Lemonade

Lemon hard seltzers are pleasant and soothing in the summer. It’s easy to recreate this summer combination! Begin with mango-flavored seltzer water and work your way up to wine!

A late harvest Gewurztraminer would be the ideal wine to mix with the mango. The mango’s acidity will counteract the sweetness of the Gewurztraminer.

Cucumber, Lime & Mint

You’ll need a muddler of some kind for this one (a spoon will work). It is a refreshing take on traditional cucumber water. First, combine the mint and lime. Muddle the flavors and scents until they appear to mix thoroughly. After that, add the cucumber seltzer water and either a Chardonnay or a Sauvignon Blanc. With the citrus and mint tastes, the dryness of these wines will not be as noticeable. So, it will help to sweeten things up a little bit, but not too much!You can buy engraved glasses to serve your wine or whiskey in the personalized engraved whiskey glasses.

Strawberry Guava

This is perhaps the ideal combination of fruity and sweet! We recommend sharing this enjoyable wine seltzer with a companion. First, combine some strawberry guava-flavored sparkling water with a sparkling rosé.

Because the water will already be sugary, adding a little dry rosé will help keep it from becoming overly sweet. So, strawberry, tangerine, and honey taste will complement the strawberry guava.

Blueberry- Acaí

Would you know aca has derived from a South American tree? Small dark purple (nearly black) berries have produced by the tree. Blueberries have a tangy, fruity flavor. But acacia has an earthy fruit flavor.

So, this wine has a subtle sweetness that does not overshadow the other two tastes. Find a somewhat sweeter wine but not too sweet for these fruits. A Muscat would be the most excellent wine.


Raspberries have frequently regarded as having the right balance of acidic and sweet flavors. This wine seltzer recipe emphasizes the sweetness while retaining the sharp characteristics.

Try a splash of Riesling or dry Champagne to the raspberry seltzer water. Both of these will offer some sweetness, but not too much.

Mixed Berry Mojito

A unique take on the classic mojito! You’ll also need to bring that muddler or spoon back for this wine spritzer. Begin by combining mint, mixed berries, lime, and no-calorie sugar. Muddle together with a dash of club soda.

This will aid in the blending of the various tastes. Then, add a Sauvignon Blanc. So, Sauvignon Blanc’s berry, fruit, and citrus tastes will match nicely with the flavors of mixed berries, lime, and mint.


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