There are many things you should hold on to but clutter should not be one of them. Over the years you must have accumulated many items in your home that you are holding on to for no reason and you should get rid of it ASAP.

  1. Clothing is not in wearable condition and has not been worn over the years and stored for decades. You tend to hang on to many clothing items that have never been worn and you do not plan to in the future.
  2. Old magazines kept in a pile and collected over the years have no use in the future for you.
  3. Tin boxes of biscuits and candies which look cute but have no other use, instead of storing your makeup items or other accessories. These boxes just take up space and are kept there without a purpose.
  4. Old bills and different receipts which should be thrown away on the spot after clearing the payments. They just fill your drawers and your purses and nothing else.
  5. Old and empty spice or storage jars and even milk tins. Once the product is consumed, you should discard it right away rather than hoarding for the future for storage because you store nothing but space.
  6. Piles and piles of old bedsheets which you have thought to use as a protective layer for furniture but have never covered in the years.
  7. Expired cosmetics should be discarded immediately as they can cause harm to your face. Finished lotions and cream bottles also should be ridden of. Expired spices and food items and expired medicines should be checked and discarded.
  8. Extra cutlery, extra plates, extra machines kept in case you lose the old ones or your old ones are broken. The time to use others never comes back seriously. These should be donated to someone needy.
  9. Extra cords, wires, broken accessories such as chargers and adapters which you are saving for God knows what reason. Why save anything which have absolutely no use for you.
  10. You baby clothes and accessories which have been passed down to you from your mother. Why are you saving it now? For your baby’s baby?
  11. Cardboard boxes, cereal boxes and other boxes which you have saved thinking you will apply DIY tutorials and make something creative but that creativity will never spark for sure.
  12. Extra things which you have saved for giving away as gifts. You always buy new gifts for your loved ones and not give the old ones, so it would be better to give it to someone needy.
  13. All the paper clutter and scraps which includes, your children’s 1st-grade artwork and mark sheets( they have graduated now), old love letters, prescriptions and subscriptions, worn-out paper recipes, appliance manuals, and warranty cards, invitation cards, newspapers, and much other stuff.
  14. Clothes and shoes which have holes in them or are completely worn out.
  15. Old cameras, old mobile phones, old computers, wireless phones, intercoms kept in case you need them. You will never need them for sure.

Holding on to things will only use up space in your house and create junk and clutter. Get rid of them to enjoy a junk free home. You can hire the best junk removal service in your locality to make it easier.

The reason why we are saying ‘best junk removal service’, is because there are reports of bad services with inexperienced staff. So, be sure to hire an experienced trash removal service only after justifying the cost of junk removal service.


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