Do you want to know about the best Google font? Then today’s content can help you by providing the details about the web font. Mainly, we will give some fonts that will be great for the bold header texts. We often notice that people think they do not understand which font will be the best for the bold header.

There are lots of web fonts available that you can use for the bold header. In our below segment, we will present some with the usage process. Also, we will tell you the right font for the right header.

We hope that the entire discussion will give you the ideas and never face any font issues. Therefore, before you look for WordPress website design, let’s start!


Firstly, we will tell you about the Catamaran. It is a new font style, but it is getting popular. Mainly, the updated people are using this font. Now you can ask why we are saying that the updated people are using this font. Well, we have been told that this font is a new font.

That is why those who love to research new things and keep them updated must use this font. These people want to present their tasks to high profile people. That is why they always prefer to use something different to attract people.

If you are familiar with this WordPress website design services, you may know how much time people need to spend to make the latter bold. Also, they need time to find out the right place to make bold. Here, if you use the Catamaran, you do not need to bold anything. It comes with a large size look. Indeed, it will save your time while working.  

PT Sans

We will tell you another great font that you can use in your everyday task. The name of this font is PT Sans. Sometimes you may need to use thin fonts.

But it is not always possible to get quickly. Well, you can go for the P sans. Usually, it presents a thin look that you can easily use wherever you need it.  

Open Sans

Are you looking for a small, clean and versatile font? Then nothing will be better than the open sans for you. You can say that it is an easy font, and it works amazingly for the web font. The people who work with the fonts know that they cannot use any font anywhere.

One must keep in mind many things before putting the fonts. If you do not know about the fonts, you will never get the best outcomes. So, if you need to write in a short place, do not forget to write with the open sans.

Roboto Slab

Lastly, we suggest you use the Roboto Slab if you are looking for something thick. Even you do not make bold the things if you write with this font. So, use all the fonts that you have got from this content. We hope that if you use all the fonts properly, you will get the best result.


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