So many various formats are available out there like JPEG, PNG, MP3, PDF, MOV, and many more. Some people have caught off by the term DICOM while these formats make them issue to save their images.

But, the question is that what DICOM is. In short, DICOM is the short form of DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.

As a result, if you’re looking to know a bit more about the issue then just keeps continuing reading. We’ll make you know some more topics with DICOM, PACS viewer, and different formats.

DICOM & JPEG Formats

These days, DICOM is a universal standard in imaging. You can use it to store and share your patients’ medical images. DICOM lets you make a group of necessary records on your data sets, which is similar to the way you embed a label while using JPEG format. The data sets include many essential things.

These include patient name & ID, date of birth, and other information to identify a pertinent patient. But, the format really makes sure that the data sets will never be separated from its image. So, is not it enough to use just JPEG? Yes, it’s a related question that you should ask.

The matter is that JPEG is a bit lower type of format other than DICOM. The images of DICOM format get converted plus more compressed than the JPEG format while exporting for their most parts.

Also, when it comes to the colors, JPEG format just uses a single color image and it doesn’t have the option to add Metadata. But, these are not an issue if you use DICOM format. That means it not just use multiple colors, it also allows you to input Metadata and other essential information.

Ways to View Your DICOM Files

With the document stays intact, DICOM ensures that every metadata linked. This is the main reason why people like the format when they store and transfer patients’ images between DICOM supported devices through a free DICOM workstation software. Now, the question you’re going to ask is how you can open and view DICOM files.

You have to get a different view to open and then view your DICOM formatted files. But, don’t forget one thing that when you open a DICOM file, you always should avoid renaming it.

If you try to do it, you may lose the file because this format doesn’t allow the renaming option. You’ll be able to open them using your PACS viewer free or paid software. Usually, the Cloud or local PACS comes with a viewer.

But, you can view your files openly into your web browser anytime plus anyplace if you’re going through a Cloud provider. It’s because this is the most ideal choice along with medical practitioners.

Bottom Line

All DICOM viewers have not made in the same way and similar features. Practically, we like to use and recommend software like OsiriX. But, you’ll find some other open source apps out there. So, you’ll get your use considerably stumbled with the short of handy features if you use the free app.


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