We still need to know a lot about COVID-19. Coronavirus is an airborne disease that spreads by air, droplets, and contacts. Patients who don’t have coronavirus may be exposed to it while in the hospital or in a congested area with humans. Also, many infected patients didn’t show symptoms at all in the earlier stage, and hence this can be quite baffling. Drive-through testing sites for COVID-19 was first established in South Korea to stop spreading the infection to the masses. The process requires sick patients to stay in their cars and allows ventilation throughout the testing facility. This has resulted in a drastic reduction of the infection spreading. Drive-through testing sites for coronavirus is an effective method of administering tests safely through the pandemic. It is essential to know some factors about drive-through coronavirus tests, which will help you be prepared for what to do.

How to find testing sites?

If you or someone you know is suspecting of infected with COVID-19, it’s best to remain calm and not panic. There are many clinics and facilities that will help you out and provide testing. Here are a few ways how you can find the testing locations.

Calling your doctor or physician: As doctors, they will have better ideas on where to go. Sometimes they can screen a session for COVID-19 and refer you to a testing site.

Health department: Healthcare departments, clinics, and hospitals are now providing testing measures. Make sure you call them up first to ensure they provide testing.

Search engine: Check Google for COVID test, and it will show you nearby testing sites. Using Google map is much more sensible as it can provide you the location details.

What is the procedure for drive-through testing?

Most drive-through testing requires an appointment and a referral from a doctor or a healthcare provider. If you have symptoms, you will proceed like this:

1. At first, you need to take an online screening to evaluate whether you are showing the symptoms and risk. If you have symptoms, you will be given information to drive-thru for Coronavirus testing site (public or private).

2. Bring the referral order and a valid photo ID of yours when you go for testing. Check the schedule or call beforehand in case they have other instructions to follow. You might be asked to stop taking fever-reducing medications and eating before testing. They would also ask you to limit people in the vehicle with you.

3. Drive to your testing site and stay inside your vehicle after you have reached the destination. Keep your windows up as per instructions. You will also be asked to fill out a form while you are waiting to get your tests done. The health worker will either take your swab sample through the window or let you do it yourself.

4. After collecting your sample, the healthcare worker will give you instructions on how or when you will collect the results.


As for online testing, you can take screening based on CDC guidelines from many websites to help you protect yourself and the people around you. This, however, isn’t a COVID-19 test but only a measure to determine if you need to be tested or not.


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