When you have a creative and unique website, it draws the attention of the visitor easily. So, a website of these days needs to have three must-features. As boring and unattractive sites can’t bring more viewers’ attention, they’re not feasible anymore. Also, that type of websites can’t recurrent their visitors.

It’s because visitors like to get a unique experience. A well made, clean, and functional website designed by the custom web design Melbourne company is very significant to make your users base. Besides, from taking more visitors to better ranking on search engines, all things depend on a better website design.

No matter you work with the best web design company Australia or some others, you have to ensure a high-quality and eye-catching website. Let’s see what the biggest mistakes are that web designers commonly do. 

Lots of Information at Once

Recently, we visited a website that made us very overwhelmed with its information. The website has presented too many information at a time. When a website does it, users will not find what they’re looking for. So, most users will leave the site soon and will not visit recurrently.

So, it’s very important to make your website with proper segments and keep one section where users will find everything. This not just helps to avoid their confusion, it also will make the users happy and recurrent.

Not Enough Information

It’s a great and biggest mistake that’s also opposite of the previous mistake. You know visitors search and go through a website for their essential information. But, if they don’t get their expected information then they become frustrated. As a result, they leave the site soon and never visit again. It’s true that minimalism is a big matter these days.

But, the trend has a limit of minimalism that you should keep in mind when you build your website. It’s because you should present the information what they’re exactly looking for when they visit your website. This way, you can enforce them to visit your other pages and make them visit your site more and more times. So, you should present more detailed and précised information to your audience.

Not Mobile Friendly

As it’s a digital age, people like to get experience of using their mobile device for the most purposes. That’s why they also like to get experience using a website on their phone. If it’s not truly optimized for mobile phones, they think negative about the site. So, it’s simple to make a mobile-friendly version of your website. 

Also, more than 50% of users have said that they like more the sites that are mobile-friendly than those are not. Even if users like your topic or business then they’ll visit your competitor’s sites that are mobile-friendly. So, this is one of the biggest mistakes to don’t making your website mobile-friendly.

Using Loads of Sliders

Slideshows are a great method to present your information to your users. But, you have to avoid it doing over sliding as it might make a mess with the attention of your users. It’s the very disappointing matter that somebody reading one slide, but it appears another one suddenly.


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