Tech giants have brought another screen on the countertop. It has dubbed tentatively as ‘smart displays.’ These new gadgets come with the functionality of stylish speakers such as the Google Home. Or, they look like the Amazon Echo and combined with a touchscreen to enjoy videos.

You can also look at pictures and see extra information after you inquire a question to Google Assistant or Alexa. The first Echo of Amazon brought with the idea of mainstreaming the last summer. But, these smart displays are the smart category that has extended theatrically.

These smart displays are now available in the marketplace from different major tech giants. Now, it’s time to ask you do you know what the best smart displays are and whether you need one of them at your countertop. So, before you look for “smart door bells” read the article.

What Are The Smart Displays?

We like to see smart displays as the subsequent progression of smart speakers. They’re more likely to Amazon Echo or Google Home. Also, they always hear some specific wake up phrases such as ‘Hey’ or Alexa. When they listen to it, they’ll start responding to the commands or questions.

They’re like a smart speaker. You can inquire them to control the smart home along with your web search and making a call. They can also check the calendar, add something to the shopping list, and many more things.

To their mix, smart displays come with a touchscreen. That’s why they allow you to enjoy videos or see pictures. The device we have tested can follow a recipe with its steps and show you weather forecasts.

Moreover, they give you information about your favorite restaurants when you search for something to eat. For this time, these best smart displays are using the digital assistant of Alexa or Google Assistant of Google.

Everything about the Lenovo Smart Display

Smart displays we have seen all of them allow making a video call. The next Home Hub of Google is an outlier in it that doesn’t come with a camera. That’s not an issue because you can get a video call with it. But, the individual you call will not see you.

And yes, some people may like this approach. The other remaining smart displays have cameras to make face-to-face video calls. If you want to control your smart home using the Home Hub of Google or Echo Show, you can do it with ease. And it’s not with only voice commands.

When you swipe down its screen, both of them will show the organized overview of the connected devices and buttons along with sliders to control them. If not, these smart displays combine in features like showing the song’s lyrics. It’s while you’re playing music along with scrolling through individual images in ambient style.

Do You Require It?

In the original Echo show, we weren’t big fans. It was ugly and boxy, and the content of the screen was not enough to explain. As expected, Alexa performed well, but the overall experience didn’t vary considerably from the Echo Dot.

The video calling functionality was limited in its ability to make calls only to other Echo Display owners. Goodwill easily obtains access to its video service, considering initial support for YouTube content replay.


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