An ATM card PIN is a multi-digit number required at Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) for transactions and has first supplied by banks. The card owner can reset or change this PIN to a new one.

Here, before you look for an ATM processing company, let’s know what it is and how to get its PIN.


PIN refers to Personal Identification Number, which is a four-digit number unique to each ATM card. And it verifies that the transactions have carried out by the card user or account holder.

You cannot use the ATM card unless the PIN has activated. It’s to improve the security of your bank account, ATM processing, and internet transactions. So, you should update your ATM PIN every 3-6 months or at least once a year.

How Can I Obtain a PIN Number?

When a new account has opened, the bank sends a temporary PIN code to log in to the ATM account. This PIN can then change to something else. In rare instances, an OTP can use to create a new PIN. As stated below, there are many ways to obtain an ATM PIN:

Temporary PINs Have Supplied by Paper Mail.

The PIN has mailed to account holders or cardholders in an envelope letter. Users of ATM cards have encouraged to take particular note of the PIN. It has sent, and not to share with anybody.

ATM cardholders have recommended generating a new ATM PIN for security reasons. It may then be put into the ATM. Log in with the temporary PIN code issued by the bank and follow the on-screen instructions to obtain a new PIN.

SMS transmission of a temporary ATM card PIN through Green PIN

Instead of paper-mailed PINs, banks issue Green PINs through SMS. They are part of the ‘Go Green’ program. These are both for environmental and security reasons.

It’s because bank staff does not have the responsibility of the physical custody of the paper mailers. This technique saves paper, time and assures safety. When you request a PIN change at an ATM, the temporary PIN has emailed to your registered cellphone number.

SMS delivery of ATM PIN

Almost identical to the temporary Green PIN supplied through SMS, ATM card PIN creation via SMS transmits an OTP rather than a temporary PIN. In this scenario, you must first send an SMS from your registered mobile phone to a bank-provided SMS banking number.

The wording for the SMS should specify by the bank for the production of a valid ATM PIN. An OTP has delivered to your phone number and is only good for a few hours/days.

Obtain a PIN with Internet Banking

When you log in to your net banking system, look for your cards ‘Change/Reset/Generate PIN’ option. You will be required to enter your current PIN and receive a temporary PIN from the bank.

You can use the same one. Then, please enter the new PIN and re-enter it to confirm. Certain security questions may also ask in specific instances.


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