There is a possibility that a lot of things, sitting in our house right now, are harmful and dangerous. These need to be thrown out as soon as possible. These don’t include the obvious ones like a bag of trash or a wilting bouquet. Read away to know what should you get rid of right now according to junk removal Greensboro North Carolina experts.

1. Cleaning Rags and Sponges

Things that clean your mess don’t remain clean afterward. You need to change your sponge every eight weeks if you have a dishwasher if not replace your sponge with a new one every 2 weeks. Germ build up in sponges can cause infections if you have an open wound or if you are prone to allergies like eczema. To keep your sponge germ free, boil or microwave it between washes.

2. Spices and Sauces

We don’t use all spices every day. So, we tend to forget some of them easily. They rot at the back of our shelves. It’s better to date the spices to be sure they haven’t expired or when they were last used. This way you will not accidentally use them. Spices like herbs have the life of 1 year, ground spices last up to 2 years and whole spices can last as long as 4 years.

3. Makeup

I find it very difficult to throw away a full vial of makeup that has not been used in months. They are expensive and it’s hard to throw them out. But are they expensive than your health? Makeup like mascara and liner should be replaced every 3 months. Powdered makeup can last up to a year, these include blush, face powder, and shadows. Liquid makeup like foundation, concealers, and contour can last up to 2 years. You should also know that they already come with a shelve life, so you should always check the packaging date to be sure about the life of any makeup item. Brushes are cool, you don’t need to replace them as long as you clean them often.

4. Tooth Brush

This is probably one thing everyone is a bit lazy to change because we feel that it’s fairly unimportant and that’s why we tend to forget replacing it. When, in fact, this should be the most important thing of all. There are multiple reasons to change your toothbrush every three months, it houses a ton of bacteria that is too stubborn to wash out, the bristles wear out etc. Set a reminder to help you replace them.

5. Lenses Case

Make a habit of replacing your contact lenses case every 4 months. Even if you clean it regularly there still may be tons of germs that don’t wash out. So, it’s better to replace then be sorry later as a professional from a junk removal Greensboro NC service says.

6. Loofahs

Just like sponges’ loofahs harbor germs that can lead to fungal infections. You should always let the loofah dry properly and change it every 3 months with regularity.

7. Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curler just like mascara gets too close to the eye, and hence can be a cause of eye infection, if not cleaned properly. You should change your lash curler every 6 months at least.


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