1. Road Bikes

The characteristics that distinguish road bikes from others are their downwards turned handlebars usually known as ‘drop handlebars’ which is multi-position and provides easy grip and the thin tires. The tires of these bikes have a great grip over the road and are the perfect choice for those who want a bike for a daily ride down the pavement within the town. An interesting fact about road bikes is that bigger the tires, the lesser effort would be needed to pedal it. Keep this in mind when looking for used bikes for sale USA.

2. Mountain Bikes


These bikes have wider tires which makes the bike efficient enough to run on the aggressive rocky surfaces like mountains. The handlebars are much flat providing a comfortable grip. These bikes also have suspension feature that makes it easier for the biker to cross the mountains. Some people are also seen riding mountain bikes on the roads and trails, however, there is no danger in doing so as mountain bikes run perfectly on roads as well but, they are specially designed for surfaces like mountains. The price range of mountain bikes varies depending on the models and their features.

3. BMX

BMX bikes are similar to the sporty bikes as they are quite robust and provide easy handling for those who like to do tricks and jumps with bikes hence also called ‘Trick bike’. BMX bikes have almost a 20-inch wheel and are generally single-speed bikes.

4. Hybrid or Comfort Bikes


Designers got inspired from road bikes and modified them into a hybrid bike which has many comfortable features thus called comfort bikes as well. If you want to travel from one place to another on your bike without a workout, then hybrid bikes are your way to go. The wheels are wider, and the bike has disc brakes that make it easier to stop on the busy roads. These bikes have a seat in a laid-back position that makes it comfortable for the cyclist to ride, moreover, the extended and flat handlebars increase the comfortability and allows better control of the bike.

5. Electronic Bikes


E-bikes have gained great popularity in recent days amidst the commuters. Through electronic bikes, the effort required to move the bike from one to another is reduced because e-bikes have electric motors fitted in them that help in pedaling the bike. There are several types of electronic bikes depending on their battery type and features. E-bikes could also be used as a replacement for mountain and road bikes so, if you don’t want to reach your destination with all the sweat and tired face, get your hands on this latest invention of bikes.

6. Tandem Bikes


Tandem bikes are quite different from the other types because these bikes have seats for two people along with two pedals and handle so that both of the bikers can move the bike through combined efforts. It is a great way for two people to enjoy the bike ride together. Tandem bikes are available is a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

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