Even on “no makeup” days, mascara is most of our first exposure to the beauty industry and our go-to product. This also means that we’ve probably all tried the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to mascaras, particularly waterproof formulations that don’t deliver most of the tome. Nothing is more frustrating than expecting your mascara to withstand, only to find it smudgy or even running at the first hint of dampness. 

You don’t have to break the bank to buy a good waterproof mascara, whether you’re just trying to appear awake despite your watery eyes or going all out for a big event. With the mascaras you’ll get at Alpha Belle Health, you can get the volume, length, curl, and lasting power you want.

Are you ready to say goodbye to raccoon eyes? Continue reading to learn about the best drugstore waterproof mascara. Here are a few factors you need to consider. 

#1. Long-Lasting

The finest waterproof mascara should stay all day and should not budge until you’re ready to remove it. So, look for one that will last the whole day, if not longer.

#2. Application

It should be easy to apply and cover your lashes entirely from root to tip without clumping or causing them to stay together.

#3. Quickly Dries

If you’re constantly on the go, go for a waterproof mascara that dries fast and coats your lashes evenly and thickly in just one or two swipes.

#4. Formula

There are a few things to think about when it comes to the formula of your mascara. Is it devoid of hazardous chemicals, cruelty, and animal testing? Is it suitable for those with sensitive eyes? To maintain and protect the health of your lashes, ensure sure your best lengthening mascara has a moisturizing component. 

Look for a medium weight for your mascara’s formula consistency. Thicker mascaras clump a lot, while finer formulations hardly cling onto your lashes.

#5. Brush

Aside from texture and consistency, the brush you choose affects the ease of application. Straight, curved, triangular, pointed, thin, spiral, hourglass, thick, ball, and precision tip bristles are available. Because each brush has its unique characteristic, choose carefully based on your lashes.

#6. Benefits

Because not all mascaras are made equal, be careful to read the advantages that each one claims to provide. Do you wish to add more curl to your straight lashes or extend your short lashes? Perhaps your main worry is strengthening fine lashes to add volume. Whatever the situation may be, be sure you pick the appropriate one for your requirements.

Final Words 

With only a few coats of mascara, even the dullest of eyes may be transformed into the most beautiful and defined. It’s an added benefit if it’s waterproof! Waterproof mascara remains in place, without clumping, smearing, or running, whether you’re going for a swim, heading out on a rainy day, or having a teary-eyed moment. 

Have you found the ideal mascara for you now that you’ve learned how to pick the best waterproof mascara? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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