Let’s be honest; not everyone likes responsibilities especially ones that demands touching leftover food with your bare hands while washing dishes. Oh! The cringe! But there’s more to just touching wet food when it comes to chores that we hate doing according to waste removal companies near me. Listed below are the top household chores everyone hates

1. Cleaning Bathrooms

Bathrooms are bound to get dirty and nobody likes it. Unfortunately, there is no spell that can magically clean your bathroom without causing you any trouble. You have to suffer the pain of cleaning the bathroom which includes wiping and cleaning the mirrors, washbasin, bathtub, decluttering the bathroom cabinets and most importantly cleaning the toilet seat. Any person in his right mind would not voluntarily, blissfully, freely clean toilet seats, but when it’s yours, you’re not really left with an option

2. Unclogging Drains and Toilets

The only thing worse than cleaning toilet seats is unclogging them, everybody including waste disposal companies near me knows that. Unclogging drains and toilets alike can be a pain in the neck, not to mention all those endless revolting shivers down the spine because of the disgusting stuff that blocks the drain and toilet. You have to keep your distance and go through the trouble of taking a shower after all that sickening labor.

3. Laundry

The entire effort put into doing laundry seems like an unnecessary work-out you did not sign up for. Even when you are blessed with the luxury of having a dryer in your washing machine, you’re still left with the duty of washing the white clothes first and then the colored ones. It’s exhausting and makes your head spin faster than the machine spins the clothes.

4. Doing Dishes

The sight of a huge pile of dirty dishes sitting in the sink is enough to convince anyone that chores are cruelty. The endless scrubbing and having your hands dipped in water for so long with leftover food is something anyone would avoid doing. Unfortunately, responsibility forbids running away from cores and so you are left with no other option than doing the dishes, stacking up the dishes in dishwasher and emptying it after.

5. Dusting

Wiping off dust from tables, chairs, mirrors, showpieces, and all sorts of furniture and windows is tiresome. In fact, not only is this task boring but to some dust is a form of an allergen. Getting dust off from your furniture is crucial. You can’t be expected to let the dust sit there and live your life the way you want. People who are allergic to dust suffer a lot; they are left with no option but to clean the furniture and make it look neat and tidy as possible.

6. Painting Walls

The walls of your house need to painted with fresh paint every 3 years or so and when the time comes laziness comes along with it. Painting requires a lot of climbing up on the stools and ducking and making sure you don’t leave a stroke that is prominent enough for the viewer to notice. It can get pretty fatiguing before you even know it and when it does, nobody enjoys a second after that.

We have these chores but we have to do them anyway. However, you can take help in removing junk and waste from your house by searching waste removal companies near me.


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