Catering business has become much easier that before with the aid of the latest technology. Catering application is one of the latest inventions that have made catering business accelerated than before. Here, let’s have a look at the finest catering software of 2019.

1. Caterease

It is considered as one of the best options for catering business and event management due to variety of great offerings to be done all on its own. The good thing about this catering application is that it is cloud based and has the capability to integrate with QuickBooks, Google Maps, Social Tables, Zuppler and many other such software. You get some outclass standard plans with the option of making it customized as per the customer’s requirements. Also, you get all the notifications as soon as any change is made with a proper dashboard option to maintain all data and records.

2. CaterTrax

It is a good platform to manage all the necessary catering tasks through their web, be it recipe issues or customers’ requirements. You would love to check their attractive customized options with some great loyalty offers for its regular customers. Order management and dashboard to record previous history works very well while it can be of great help for inventory management and stock utilization. Also, their platform is made in a very user-friendly way to be used as easily by everyone as possible.

3. PeachWorks

It provides an outstanding platform to manage inventory and raw material stock management. You may manage recipes of different foods as well which can be customized as per the customers’ requirements. Also, they keep a great record of their employees’ performance through employees’ management section. The best thing about this catering application is that it allows you to calculate the nutrition level in your food while also recommend you the foods that suits your nutrition requirements.

4. Spoonfed

You would be happy to see the options offered by this software where you can all the catering related activities for ecommerce food business under one roof. From order placement to the services delivered is all recorded in a perfect way while offering some amazing standard and customized options for the customers. Also, it will help to recommend some must-try foods as per the type of event and number of guests.

5. Gather

It is a cloud-based software made exclusively for catering solutions and event management activities. It primarily focuses on mid-sized restaurants while offers 24/7 services to its customers for placing orders or reply to their queries. The best thing about them is that are very strict about their compliance issues so you can stay tension free in terms of hygiene and the quality of your services.

6. Total Party Planner

It is also a cloud-based software with all necessary options available required for a catering application. For instance; communication tracking, event management, task management and notifications for everything is available along with an option of employees’ management as well. You would also experience a high response rate over customer services option which is their cherry at the top. You can integrate this software with QuickBooks,, Constant Contact and many more. The best thing is that you can operate it via your mobile phones, be it Android or iOS.


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