Regardless of how out of control your house is getting, if you lose your cleaning mojo, consider your house turning from a haven to disorganized mess real soon. However, the good news is that you can get back your motivation. If you’re wondering how to make yourself clean your house, here are a few steps to show you how.

1. Understand Why You Have Lost Your Motivation to Clean

There could be endless possibilities for the reason of you lost motivation. But try digging in the prime reason for why is that so. IS it because of your hectic routine? You gradually keep putting off? You saw no point? Etc. Once you’ve dug into the reason, you’ll be able to understand much better as to how to counter your sluggishness.

2. Start Small

Often times it’s the mere thought of cleaning alone that tires us. There’s simply so much to do. From cleaning the kitchen, washing dishes, making bed, the list is endless. The longer the list the more you are likely to put it off. Our brain functions in a way treating all the separate chores as one. Try focusing at one chore for at least three days. Try being consistent on that one particular cleaning duty, which doesn’t seem all too intimidating. Next, you can keep adding in more and more cleaning duties at a time and by the time you would start feeling your house becoming spotless, you would have gained your motivation back as well as having cleaning an integral part of your daily schedule.

3. Reward Yourself

Once you have completed the task of the day, go shopping, or get a take out, buy yourself some flowers, maybe even get new hairstyle. The point being reward yourself. Make yourself feel like as it was all worth it because it really was. Let the joy of having something accomplished make you feel relaxed and absolutely guilt-free while you make the most of your indulgence.

4. Play Some Music in the Background

Songs to sing along to while cleaning won’t cause you any harm. It almost the same as playing music while working out. Playing upbeat music in particular will help you get the energy to move around and rub and scrub. Making a music playlist devoted to the time of your cleaning will help you aim to get your cleaning done till the time your music lasts. The key is to concentrate on the cleaning more than on the music.

5. Get Help

A cleaning buddy or some company to chat with while you clean can be a major plus on your part. You may call it multi-tasking. Getting someone over or calling someone while cleaning will make you feel as if you have utilized your break time wisely if you have a tight routine. Not only would you have made some room or socialization but would have achieved a task that you’ve long been putting off. So, if you were searching for ‘how to make yourself clean your house’ or ‘how do you clean the outside of your house’, that’s your answer.


No matter what the reason that there is that you are going through. Remember that there is always a way out of the vicious circle of laziness and anyone can fight it, all that’s needed is a little motivation.


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