Every growing business needs a website these days to keep it running. Customers expect your online presence. Your view of your company reflects upon the website. So, the website must be exclusive and up to date.

Premade templates are made to be used in every type of website. They are cheap, easy to deploy, require low investments and time. On the other hand, a custom template designed by a custom web design company can be tailored to your business goals and objectives. We will help you to choose which is better for your work.

#1. Full Customizability & Expandability

Premade templates are a bit like one size fits all solution. The drawback of this solution is it limits the functionality and capability of the website. You might even have a problem customizing anything on the website.

Custom web templates specifically tailored for your website. As a result, it is not limited to anything and can be fully customized. Developing a custom web template takes time, but it is worth the investment.

#2. Return on Investment

You might get discouraged by the price of custom web templates. It has a bit higher upfront cost than premade templates. Premade templates are cheaper than their custom counterparts. 

Though custom web templates are pricier, they have a higher customer satisfaction rate. They can often generate more traffic and can be viewed across multiple platforms. As a result, it has a higher overall return on investment than premade templates.

#3. Multiple Platform Compatibility

Many people might not pay attention, but premade templates do not always work across multiple platforms. Because they are not made for a specific platform, they might break if accessed from a different platform.

Custom websites don’t have such problems. They are optimized to work across various platforms. They are search engine friendly and load faster than premade web templates.

#4. Enhanced Security Features

Premade web templates lack essential security features because they are not updated regularly. They cannot properly preserve customer data and are prone to hacking. These websites also miss the feature of in-built SEO. The lack of SEO means they are often not ranked higher and can be challenging to find.

On the other hand, custom web templates don’t have such problems. They are regularly updated by the custom website design company and support the most up-to-date security protocols. These ensure the responsiveness of the website and increase customer satisfaction.

#5. Tailored For Your Audience 

If you have a specific view of your website, then custom web templates are your only option. A custom web design company can make you a website that is tailored for your audience’s satisfaction. These types of websites reflect what the audience wants. Generic templates cannot do this.

Because premade web templates are not explicitly made for any website, they cannot use their customer feedback. This makes customers harder to take your website seriously. It decreases the customer satisfaction rate and attracts fewer customers. So, if you want to build an online presence, custom web templates are critical.


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