A good kitchen encourages the homeowner to finally work in it with less stress. It is one of the busiest places in the house but if they aren’t designed right then you might have trouble working in it. Here are a few of the kitchen design mistakes that most people make, which you should avoid.

1. The Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen triangle is something that should be done right to make things go smoothly. A kitchen triangle is the three most used places in the kitchen which are the sink, stove and refrigerator. This work triangle should be in close proximity so that you can have access to these appliances very easily and quickly. Standard design says that these three things should be around six to nine feet from each other without any obstacles like cabinets or countertops in between. This is a very common mistake done in the designing of the kitchen.

2. Overlooking the Storage Capacity

Storage is very important for your kitchen and if you had storage problems in the past then you must look to expand this by looking at the most accessible points in your kitchen. Underestimate the need for storage often leads to a cluttered kitchen which nobody likes. Make an inventory of things you need to store even the tiniest ones. Maximize the storage to keep all your kitchen stuff easily with some storage to spare. Make sure to have enough storage because it can never be too much of it.

3. Miscalculating the Size of an Appliance

Imagine going through all the expenses of kitchen renovation and buying appliances only to find out that the appliance you bought doesn’t fit the space in your kitchen. Nobody would want an oversized microwave or a refrigerator in their kitchen. Make sure that you have planned this through so that your kitchen can easily accommodate all the appliances without looking horrendous because it is a common thing that people overlook.

4. Lighting

You need to light up your kitchen so that you don’t have to work in the shadows. Poor lighting can often cause a kitchen to get dirty and dark. Modern lighting fixtures are the perfect solution to this as they provide aesthetics and the proper amount of light. Just make sure that the light is not behind or above you for you to shadow the working space. Use task lights like pendant lights over your workspace and accent lights for the aesthetics.

5. Not Creating Enough Ventilation

Ventilation is very important in a kitchen and it is seriously ignored by homeowners in designing the kitchen. You can leave the trend if it doesn’t allow you to have good ventilation. Gas and smell of cooking should not be allowed inside the house. Make clearance around the gas source as well as install an electric suction duct over the stove so that the cooking smell is directly transported to the outside.

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These design mistakes are the common ones done in the kitchen but if you take these into account while renovating your kitchen then you are less likely to have any problems in the future.


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